5 posts from Bani J’s Instagram account that’ll make you want to lift RN!

Bani J is known for her muscles and washboard abs which are a result of her dedicated gym training. And her Instagram is witness to it.
Bani J
How does she even do it? Image courtesy: Instagram/Bani J
Grace Bains Published: 25 Nov 2020, 18:42 pm IST
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Bani J entered our lives with Roadies. Back then, we were all impressed with the girl for speaking her mind, being absolutely unapologetic about herself and doing exactly what she wants without caring about what others think. She inspired so many young girls across the country with her personality.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the Four More Shots Please actress even better and something that we’ve discovered is that she is an absolute fitness freak! She works really hard at the gym and it shows! Her body is absolutely toned, she has washboard abs, and those muscles are clearly the result of some very dedicated training. From her personality to fitness, she has managed to motivate so many!

Here are 5 ways in which Bani J leaves us awestruck:

1. She is someone who keeps pushing herself to do better and challenging herself. In this Instagram post, she is picking up a whopping 135 kgs while revealing that her actual aim is 150 kgs!

2. Just because she’s travelling doesn’t mean she won’t be training! Here’s Bani J ‘getting flexy in Hong Kong.’ Clearly, it is this sort of dedicated regular practice that keeps her fit!


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3. It is true that she challenges herself but Bani J also doesn’t shy away from updating her fans on how her hard work has resulted in progress. She shared a video on Instagram with the caption saying, “I just really like how pretty my neutral grip chins were looking today. Yay for progress!” The one thing you require in order to succeed in life is striking the right balance between being hard on yourself but also knowing when to applaud your effort.

4. Fitness isn’t just about what you do physically but also a matter of your mental state. Bani knows that and gives herself time to recover after which getting back into the training game brings some really good results! In this Instagram post, she reveals that “Meditation is the key. Going within, breathing = so much stillness and clarity.”

5. We already know by now that Bani is dedicated to her fitness but did you know that she hits the gym by 4 am? According to her, her energy level is best in the early morning and ‘the 4 am mornings have an intensity to them that is just on another level.’

Bani J’s is clearly #fitnessgoals but it’s clear that she’s worked extremely hard for all the muscle gains!

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