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5 things that you must do before lifting weights. How many are you doing?

Published on:18 November 2020, 17:43pm IST
Preparing your body before lifting weights is important as it helps you warm up and avoid injuries during your weight training sessions.
Shreya Gupta
Make these 5 things a part of your pre-workout routine! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Weight training has enormous benefits to offer. Weight training won’t just help you gain muscles but also improve posture, promote better sleep, and boost metabolism. If you’ve been thinking about starting weight training, we can assure you that it will prove to be extremely beneficial.

The thing with weight training is that it needs to be done properly and with the right precautions to ensure you reap the maximum benefits and avoid injury.

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Here are 5 things you need to practice before weight training sessions:

1. Indulge in a good warmup

Skipping warmup is definitely a no-no. Physical warm-up is necessary to make sure your muscles are ready to lift weights. It also promotes lubrication in your bone joints and gets the blood flowing in your body. In short, warmup prepares the body for a good workout and reduces the risk of muscle injury.

Including a combination of stretching and cardio in your warmup routine will make sure that the muscles are warmed up before getting into the act.

2. Eat meals that are rich in protein

Make sure that you are having a healthy meal loaded with protein at least 2 hours before hitting the gym to lift weights. Working out on an empty stomach is a really bad idea. A good meal will energize you. So, go ahead and make yourself a good meal before hitting the gym.

Protein for weight loss
Protein-rich chicken and broccoli are a match made for you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Progress slowly with the weights

Before you start your weight training, learn this mantra: always lift weight lighter than what you think you can and then progress slowly. Picking the heaviest weight just to prove that you are not weak is not a very sustainable way to go. You might be risking swelling, damage and injury.

So, starting with heavier weights will do more harm than good.

4. Sleep well

Sleeping well is extremely important. Getting a good night’s sleep before the workout day will ensure that your body and muscles have gotten enough time to repair, recover and relax. So, go to bed early and get some sleep!

5. Drink water and stay hydrated

We already know that everyone must drink at least eight glasses of water to stay healthy. While H2O is crucial for your overall health, it plays a significant role in your fitness routine. When you’re lifting weights you also tend to sweat a lot. So, you need to make sure that you are consuming water to avoid dehydration. Being hydrated will ensure that your energy levels are high enough for you to maximise on your physical potential.

Weight training, when done right, can turn your life around! Make sure you’re taking care of these things before you start lifting weights.

Shreya Gupta Shreya Gupta

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