Don’t neglect that butt! Perform these 5 glutes exercises right at home

If you want a toned butt, you'll need to do the exercises that directly target glutes. Here are some glutes exercises you can do at home.
A woman doing hip thrust for glutes
Hip thrusts are perfect to engage your glutes! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 23 Apr 2021, 14:55 pm IST
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Working out is necessary if you want to get into shape. When it comes to sculpting our body, attaining a firm butt is the dream! Well, did you know that glutes are the largest muscle group in your body commonly referred to as hips or the butt? Your glutes area includes gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. So, to get that butt like an apricot, you need to work on the glutes.

Your glutes support your body when you stand, walk and sit. In addition, when you work your butt, your body looks naturally proportional and toned. So, it is extremely important to have a workout routine for your glutes! In case you’re too busy, try out exercises right at home.

Here are 5 exercises you can do from the comfort of your home to firm up your glutes:

1. Squat or jump squats

Squats are the best exercise to build stronger glutes! Squat exercises thoroughly engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscle, which helps to tone and strengthen the glutes.

glutes exercises
Hold that squat to get a toned boot-ay! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s a guide to performing squats:
  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your weight on the heels as you are pushing your hips all the way back with toes pointing slightly outward.
  3. Look straight and keep your chest stretched. Keep the abs, glutes, traps, and lower back tight.
  4. Remember, everything should be tight and controlled. Now, try to keep your back straight and bend your knees. Go as low as possible. 
  5. You should feel the stretch in your glutes and thighs.
  6. Take a deep breath, stay balanced and get back to the starting position.
2. Glute bridge

The glute bridge is one of the best moves for glutes activation. If done regularly, it can help with strengthening the muscles as well as toning the hamstrings and glutes.

glutes exercises
Glutes bridge isolates and strengthen your gluteus (butt) muscles and hamstrings. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s a guide to performing glute bridge:
  1. Start by lying face-up on the floor. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Keep your arms by the side with your palms down. 
  3. Now, lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips, and shoulders are in a straight line.
  4. Remember to engage your core.
  5. Hold the bridge position for 2 to 3 seconds and return to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the pose again. 

Note: If you feel the burn in your glutes and hamstrings, you’re doing the pose correctly!

3. Lunges

When you do lunges, you target muscles like the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. It is one of the best exercises to stabilize glutes. 

glutes exercises
Lunges are a great move for the glutes and thighs.
Here’s a guide to performing lunges:
  1. Place one foot in the front and the other leg behind. Make sure there’s space between your legs (approximately 3 feet apart).
  2. Remember that you’re supposed to go down and not forward.
  3. Bend both your knees and lunge straight down. Lower the knee of the leg placed behind but don’t let it touch the floor.
  4. Next, stand right back up.
  5. Repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times for each leg. 

Tip: For added benefit, you can hold some weight as well.

4. Skater

Skater is considered to be a full-body workout because it targets glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Skaters also improve muscle endurance and strength.

Here’s a guide to performing skaters:
  1. First, stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart.
  2. Now lean forward, keeping your back flat, abs engaged, and core tight.
  3.  As you leap, bring your right foot behind to the left side with your knee bent.
  4. Do the same thing with the other side.
  5. Continue the alternative jumps from one side to the other as quickly as possible and don’t forget to swing your arms accordingly.

Note: Your core should always be tight.


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5. Single leg deadlift

Single leg deadlift is a simple yet effective exercise for stronger glutes. It won’t just strengthen the glutes but also tone the muscles while improving your balance. It works on the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, ankles, and the core.

Here’s a guide to performing a single-leg deadlift:
  1. Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart and core engaged.
  2. For an added challenge, hold a dumbbell. Now, push your hip back and shift the weight on one leg. Extend the other leg behind you and bend forward.
  3. Keep your back straight and try to achieve balance in the position.
  4. There should be a slight bend in your front knee. In addition, lower your hands towards the floor. 
  5. Bend until your chest is parallel to the floor.
  6. Do 10 to 12 reps and repeat the exercise on the other side.

See, ladies, you can work your butt right at home!

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