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5 full body workout moves to give yourself strength, flexibility and balance

Want to do a quick full body workout rather than just one or two parts? Namrata Purohit suggests the exercises that you should do.
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Do this set of full body workout exercises and see the difference! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 1 Sep 2022, 11:22 am IST
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Some want toned abs and others want to get rid of jiggly arms or do away with thunder thighs. But not everyone has the time to hit the gym and sweat it out for hours to get an hourglass figure. Celebrity fitness instructor Namrata Purohit shares a full body workout with just 5 moves.

The expert’s latest Instagram video is for all those who want to have the perfect arms, legs, abs and more. So, in her words, fire it up!

According to the expert, it would be best to begin with a set or 2 of 15 repetitions each and then you can increase repetitions and sets! “Add this to your routine or do them on their own, they work on strength, flexibility and balance,” she adds.

5 perfect moves for a full body workout

1. Side Lunge – Star

This is an interesting combination of side lunges and star exercises.

* Begin this exercise by standing straight and joining your hands. Make sure your feet is parallel and shoulder-width apart while your back is straight and your weight is on your heels.
* Take a relatively big step to your right side. While doing so, keep your torso upright.
* Go down until the knee of your right leg is bent at around 90 degrees, and keep your left leg straight.
* Spread your hands and right leg like a star.

side lunges
Go for the star exercise! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Chair – Oblique Twist

Oblique twists can be done in numerous ways, but add chair exercise to it and make it more beneficial for your body.

* Sit like you have an invisible chair near you. Raise your hands while doing so.
* While contracting your abs, twist from your torso to your right and raise your right leg. Keep your hands on the sides of your head.

3. Shoulder Tap – Commandos

Shoulder taps sound easy, but doing it while balancing your body and including commando exercise, is not that simple.

* With shoulders stacked over wrists, get in a high-plank position on your mat or floor.
* Use your palms to alternately touch the top of your opposite arm. You need to hold your body still while doing this exercise.
* Keep your forearms on the mat and extend both your legs right behind you.
* Push up onto your left hand, until that arm is straight. Follow it up by the right arm to come into a high-plank position.

Check out this video by Namrata Purohit to understand the full body workout moves!


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4. Triceps – Glute Kicks

Generally done with dumbbells, this move doesn’t always require a training equipment. Glute exercises are a must!

* Begin by getting in a high-plank position on your mat or floor.
* Bend your knees while keeping your abs tight.
* Kick your right leg back until your glute is contracted and your hip is extended.
* While bending your arms, lower your torso.

5. Plank Jacks

This one is a fun move! It combines two fantastic exercises – the plank and the jumping jack!

* Place your forearms on the mat while keeping your body in a straight line from your head to your heels.
* Move your right foot away then bring it back and then jump your feet out wide to each side like you are doing a horizontal jumping jack.
* Quickly jump your feet back together.
* Move your left foot away then bring it back and then jump your feet out wide to each side.
* Quickly jump your feet back together.

Add these moves to your workout routine or do them on their own if you want strength, flexibility and balance. These full body workout exercises won’t take up much time and give you amazing results.

  • 116
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