Try doing these 5 exercises for a flat belly if you hate mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are not the only exercise that will help you get a flat belly. There are many more that can bring you back in shape.
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Mountain climber haters, this one is for you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 1 Apr 2022, 09:00 am IST
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Summer is here and it’s time to get those crop tops and cute little dresses out. Oops! But is belly standing in your way? Why don’t you try doing mountain climbers? Whhaatt! You hate them to death. Okay, okay! Don’t worry because we got you some exercises that you can totally perform, and very happily ditch mountain climbers.

5 exercises that you can do instead of mountain climbers to get a flat belly

High knees

High knees are basically standing mountain climbers and here’s how you do them. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your upper arms are tucked to your sides and lower arms raised in the front. Now, move your alternate knees as high as you can. Try to bring your knees as high as your chest level. You can take it a little slow and after a few moves, speed up for better impact. How many of these can you do? Do 50 reps with each leg and 5 sets.

High Knees
If you want to focus on your core and glutes at the same time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Plank with alternate leg raises

Go into a plank position and alternatively raise your leg. Hold the pose when your leg is up for 5 seconds and bring it back. Do the same with the other leg. How many of these can you do? You can do 20 reps with each leg and 5 sets, or you can time it. Do it for a minute and a half and see the impact on your waistline.

Jumping jacks

Mountain climbers basically target your lower abdomen area and oblique muscles, and so do jumping jacks. But only a few jumping jacks won’t make much of a difference. To witness impact just like a mountain climber, you need to do 100 reps and 5 sets.

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Plank jacks

Plank jacks are also an amazing exercise that you can do if you hate mountain climbers to the T. Here’s how you should do it – get into a plank position. You can opt for a forearm or a straight arm plank. Now just like jumping, move your legs laterally (sideways). How many of these can you do? 100 reps and 5 sets of plank jack will definitely do the magic trick. In fact, it can give you better results than mountain climbers. Pro tip: Keep your core engaged all the time to get a leaner belly.

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Spiderman jacks

Here’s how to do it. Go down in a plank position, preferably in a straight arm plank. Now laterally move your leg in a way that your knee reaches your triceps. You can also turn your head towards your knee to see how far your knee is traveling. This will also enhance the entire move. Once you are done with one leg, repeat the same with the other. Do this alternatively. Pro tip: Take it slow. How many of these can you do? 25 reps on each side and 5 sets!

So, don’t let your hate for mountain climbers come between you and your waistline.

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