Try these 11 exercises from the comfort of your bed to tone your body

Don’t want to leave your bed? Tone up your body with these exercises from the comfort of your bed.
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Bed exercises are easy and effective AF! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 23 Apr 2021, 12:43 pm IST
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Raise your hand if you don’t want to leave your bed alone right in the morning! Well, doing so might be comforting but will definitely hamper your fitness. What if we tell you we have a hack for this? Ladies, we’ve got you some easy bed exercises to tone your body without compromising on comfort.

Here are 11 simple bed exercises to keep you fit:
1. Stretching

Well, most of us neglect stretching exercises which lead to stiffness and sore muscles. But, you can do easy stretching exercises even when you’re in bed! You can stretch your arms up and flex them. You can also flex your legs in a similar fashion to relieve spasms. You can do side twists lying on your bed, working on your oblique and lower back. Other than these stretches, you can also try some basic yoga poses that are considered great for stretching like child’s pose, cobra pose, etc.

2. Leg raises

If you want to tone up the lower abdomen, you can definitely try doing leg raises when you’re chilling on the bed. You can do 20 reps of it and once you are done, just hold the last one for 10 seconds. We would suggest 4 sets for quicker results!

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Hold onto that stretch and give your back a new lease on life with child’s pose. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Crunches

We all wish for a flat belly and crunches can take us closer to this fitness goal. Turns out, you can practise your crunches from the comfort of your bed. You can do half crunches, bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, toe-touches, and many other abs exercises that will help you in getting a flat belly. You can also make a circuit, combining these exercises and adjusting the reps accordingly. You can do 3 sets to see results.

4. Plank

A plank is the most low-maintenance exercise. You can do it anywhere! We would suggest keeping it simple with the bed planks as there are chances of slipping because the grip might not be that great. So, you can do a forearm plank, straight arm plank, side plank, and a commando plank.

5. Scissor legs

When you’re sitting on your bed and are idle, do the scissor leg exercises! It’s the perfect exercise for those who want to tone up their belly.

6. Reverse crunches

If your bed has a headboard, try to make the most of it. Hold the headboard for support, lift your legs up, and once they are at an angle of 90-degrees with your upper body, raise them up.

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Do half crunches for a chiselled abs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
7. Leg-on-the-wall

Leg-on-the-wall is one of the most effective exercises for 2 reasons – one, it helps in better blood circulation, and two, it relaxes your lower body muscles. You can do this one with utmost ease on your bed.

8. Push-ups

If you love doing push-ups then you can attempt doing the classic ones or knee push-ups on your bed. Having said that, our recommendation would be to not try the advanced versions on your bed as a compromised grip can lead to injuries.

9. Cat-cow pose

When it comes to your back and core, nothing is as good as doing the cat-cow pose. It will not just help in toning up your muscles but will also help you burn calories.


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Cat cow pose. Image courtesy: @theshilpashetty
10. Downward-and-upward dog pose

Toning your arms is extremely important when it comes to having a sculpted body. You can do downward-and-upward dog pose for your arms and work those muscles from the comfort of your bed.

11. Bridge pose

Never ignore your glutes. Tone them up by doing the bridge pose! The best part? It also helps you flex your core. In the beginning, hold the bridge pose for about 10 seconds. Then, do 15 bridge crunches and hold the last one for at least 15 seconds.

So, ladies, it’s time to turn your bed to a yoga mat!

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