10 stretching exercises that will help you release muscle tension between reps

Your first set is always the best; that’s because your muscles are relaxed. Try these stretching exercises after every set and help your muscles relax every single time.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 17 Jun 2021, 13:26 pm IST
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If your muscles do not function properly, you will never be able to achieve the desired results. But what if your muscles become stiff between reps? Due to this, it might get harder for you to stretch and contract your muscles in full force. Result – a barely toned physique. Don’t lose hope, because we have a neat trick that can help you. We’ve got for you 10 stretching exercises that you can perform between your reps. Trust us, they will help you release muscle tension.

So, here is the list! 

1. Head tilt

Whatever upper body exercises you do, you may experience stiffness around your neck and traps. That’s because your neck and traps support most of your upper body moves. That’s why between every rep, try to do some head tilts in every direction. You can also try neck rolls, both clock and anticlockwise.

2. Biceps and triceps stretch

If you are doing an arms workout, don’t forget to do the biceps and triceps stretch. That’s because they will help in relaxing your muscles and prepare them to lift more weight.

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Triceps stretches for toned arms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Calf raises

Your calves are one of the most ignored muscles. That’s the reason you have sore muscles, because you forget to stretch your calves. So, do it regularly to tone your legs and relax them too.

4. Quad stretch

Make sure to do them after each set, on your leg day. It is also helpful to do it on days when you perform cardio. That’s because this exercise will give your quads a firm stretch.

5. Forward bend

This one doesn’t just relax your muscles but also helps in improving blood circulation, which further improves your performance. While doing a forward bend, try to touch your toes or ground, holding it to feel the stretch.

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Standing forward bending pose is the simplest thing you can do for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Side stretch

Yes, your obliques need a stretch too. Otherwise, you can invite lower back pain. Just raise your hands, lock your fingers, and bend in each direction for five seconds each; you will feel the difference.

7. Shoulder squeeze

If you’re a victim of stiff traps and neck problems,that’s because you don’t stretch your shoulders enough. Your trap muscles bear a lot, not just when you are working out but otherwise as well, even when you are working or sleeping. Hence, this muscle needs some extra attention.

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8. Knee to chest stretch

It is not just great for your gut, but a knee to chest press is also great to relax your hamstrings, glutes, and even your lower back. You can do it either standing or lying down – whatever suits you the best.

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Pawanmuktasana or knee-to-chest help in relaxing every muscle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
9. Butt stretch

This is another part, which is always cornered but some simple exercises like glute bridge and butt kicks can really help to improve your movement and balance.

10. Shrug

This is another upper body move that will help you release tension from your traps, shoulder blades, upper arms, and neck. Just put your hands on your waist and move your shoulders up and down 20-25 times. Do you know this stretch also helps in making your collarbone more visible? So don’t skip it.

Dear ladies, this list of in-between stretches is now with you. If you are serious about your fitness, give them a try and thank us later.

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