Steer clear of these 10 dangerous exercises for muscle building, if you’re a beginner

If you’re just starting your fitness regime, ensure you don’t include any of these 10 exercises that might land in big trouble!
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Muscle soreness can cause a great deal of pain but you can combat it with certain exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 21 Sep 2020, 13:40 pm IST
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If you’re a fitness virgin, we’re thrilled you’re finally ready to commit to an exercise regime. Now, we know you must be excited to try your hand at anything and everything, but our advice would be to press pause to your thrill, because it could prove to be extremely dangerous for your muscles!

You need to understand that as a newbie, the first thing you must do is to acclimatise your muscles to an exercise routine. At least for the first 15-20 days, it is important to follow a warm up routine that will wake up each and every muscle in your body, so that you don’t get injured!

The reason why we’re asking you to steer clear of certain exercises, is because first you’re a beginner, and the second is, according to a study published in the journal Healthcare, some exercises can cause muscle soreness, and in the worst case, bone dislocation. 

To ensure you don’t fall prey to pain and injury, we’ve listed ten of the most dangerous exercises that you should avoid right in the beginning:

1. Classic push-up
We know you’re dying to reach your goal right in the beginning, but ladies we suggest you wait for some time. Push-ups focus on your entire upper body, and in the beginning, your upper body is not as strong to bear the strain. Also, you might hurt your wrists. To be on the safer side, try knee push-ups, that too after a week.

dangerous exercises for beginners
Don’t underestimate the power of push-ups.

2. Weighted squat
No lifting weights in the beginning, period! Start with bodyweight exercises, and then gradually move on to heavy weights. You know why? Because otherwise your knees might suffer, and you’ll have to pay a huge price!

3. Pull-ups
Although it’s almost impossible to pull it off in the beginning, even if you plan to, then be very careful. That’s because it will stretch your muscles to the T, and there are high chances of getting injured.

4. Burpees
We all know burpees are a great way to burn calories, but we advise you not to try it as a beginner! Burpees are an advanced level of cardio that needs practice and muscle endurance, and that doesn’t happen right at the start. You can slip, twist your ankle, and even strain your muscles, and that’s the last thing you want!

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5. Crunches
This exercise might look simple, but there are a lot of intricacies that are required to pull it off. Doing it in the beginning can cause stomach cramps, and even laughing or sneezing can invoke pain in your core region.

6. Lunges
If you dream of flaunting those toned legs, lunges will turn out to be your BFF! But don’t try it as a beginner, because it will only cause pain. Lunges have the power to cause severe wear and tear in the quad area. Now that could lead to soreness in the hip muscles, and you might not be able to sit properly for days!

7. Shrugs
Your trapezius muscles are very soft and sensitive. To pull off shrugs, you need to lift heavy weights so that your trap muscles can be sculpted. But as a beginner, it is best to skip this one, because there are high chances of rupturing muscles around your neck and shoulder. You could also end up with a sprain, and that’s not something you want!

dangerous exercises for beginners
Shrugs might look easy but they are really tough on your muscles. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Deadlifts
Even pros can go wrong with this one, because if the posture is incorrect, then this amazing exercise can turn out to be your worst nightmare. An incorrect deadlift can give you chronic back pain. In the worst case, you might also end up with a slip disc, which can make you bed-ridden.

9. Battle rope
This is another HIIT exercise that requires amazing muscle endurance, that’s exactly why it is not best for beginners. First, try and build your stamina, and then move on to this exercise.

dangerous exercises for beginners
Battle rope exercises can lead to severe injury. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

10. Triceps dips
You need to shake up your tricep muscles, before you get into the groove. Else, you might jam your hands! Tricep muscles are located on the back side of your upper arm, and these dips work as an intense muscle strengthening workout. If the grip and gap between your hands is incorrect, then you might end up with a major injury.

All in all, remember you need to get your body into the groove, and then hop on to these muscle strengthening exercises to reap its benefits!

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