1-minute plank or wall sit: What’s your pick to strengthen your core?

There are many exercises today that promise a strong core and high calorie burn, but how good are they? Today, we have a battle of the two most popular bodyweight exercises: planks and wall sits! Which one is better? Let’s find out!
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Planks vs wall sits: which one is better? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 29 Aug 2021, 08:00 am IST
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Ever since the pandemic broke out last year, we’ve been trying our best to get a grip on all kinds of amazing exercises that can be done at home. Of course, that means we can’t miss out on the ever-popular plank and then there’s the wall sit. Both are bodyweight exercises and help to strengthen your muscles. When you hold either of them, you are working out your entire core. But which exercise is more effective? Or are both of them equally good? Let’s find out now!

What is a plank?

We’ve all come across plank challenges online, and as easy as it may look, it can really fire up those muscles. Plus, it’s so hard! It really strengthens your body, especially your shoulders and back, and also improves your posture. Moreover, it also helps to work out your abdominals, back, hips, pelvis and buttocks. There are many experts who suggest the key to acing a plank is how long you can hold it for. When you hold it for a minute at least, you can feel the change. Remember when your body shakes, you are hitting your maximum capacity. But if you feel there’s extreme discomfort, then don’t force yourself. Managing a minute is ideal, but if you can’t, focus on doing multiple sets of smaller amounts of time. 

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Go into a plank to get complemented with great health.
What are the wonders of a wall sit?

There are so many people, who swear by wall sits, and for good reason. After all, this isometric exercise engages your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, back, chest, abs and hips. It engages several muscles at once, and helps to tone your body. Moreover, it helps to lose calories and strengthen your body. It also helps to increase your stamina and endurance, and improves your posture. Furthermore, it is also a good way to improve focus, because you are trying to practice holding a certain position, while your legs are burning. Plus, it is a no-brainer but it certainly enhances core strength.

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Activate your glute muscles with a wall sit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What’s a better pick?

Both the exercises are helpful, and help to strengthen your core. But let’s get to calorie burning. Planks, which we all know are effective, burn two and five calories per minute. They increase muscle and boost your metabolism, and at the same time, help to sustain higher levels of calorific burn during rest. 

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On the other hand, wall sits burn anywhere between 3.5-7 calories per minute. Not much of a difference, we say! 

Both the exercises are a must, when it comes to toning your body. So, mix and match and feel the maximum burn!

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