Trying motherhood via IVF? Here’s what a fertility specialist wants you to know

Fertility issues have become common among women nowadays. For Mother's Day, an IVF expect pens a letter to prospective moms.
Tubal issues could cause fertility issues
Tubal issues could cause fertility issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Kaberi Banerjee Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:08 pm IST
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A woman is that miraculous person who brings another life into this world. Almost every woman dreams of becoming a mother someday and enjoys motherhood’s blissful feeling. But with the change in times, the way unhealthy lifestyle has taken a toll on us, almost everyone’s health is being compromised. Consumption of junk food, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, consumption of alcohol, smoking, and other such things are the root cause of many health problems that have unfortunately become very common today. Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main reasons why women are facing a lot of fertility issues nowadays.

Female fertility issues on the rise

Polycystic ovaries and thyroid issues are some of the severe problems but have become very common these days. It is because of such issues that women are not able to conceive and are deprived of the blessing of motherhood.

One of the most common causes of female infertility is PCOS, which is a hormonal imbalance affecting ovulation. Other common causes of female infertility include damage to fallopian tubes or uterus, problems in the cervix, diabetes, eating disorders, exposure to environmental toxins, infections, etc.
Reduced egg reserve is also becoming a common challenge. Lifestyle, diet, environment and genetics seem to play a part in this.

Infertility no longer completely rules out the chances of having a baby. With the advancements in technology and science, nothing is absolutely impossible these days. Science has found out multiple solutions to treat infertility as well.

Treatments for fertility issues include:

* Clomiphene citrate, which is a drug consumed orally to stimulate the growth of an ovarian follicle containing an egg.

* Gonadotropins, which is an injected treatment to stimulate the ovary to produce multiple eggs;
* Metformin is used when insulin resistance is the cause of infertility,

* Letrozole which works similarly to clomiphene citrate

* Bromocriptine which is used when ovulation problems are caused by excess production of prolactin by the pituitary gland, etc.

fertility issues
Women today have many options to battle infertility. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

IVF for fertility issues

Another prevalent treatment is In Vitro Fertilization, commonly known as IVF. This is a process in which an egg is combined with sperm in vitro. The woman’s ovulation process is firstly monitored, and then the ova are removed from the ovaries.

After the ova has been removed from the ovaries, it is then fertilized with a sperm in a tube. After successful fertilization, the embryo is transferred into the woman’s womb. Once the woman successfully becomes pregnant with the help of this procedure, she needs to take a lot of care of herself.

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This procedure has been very successful so far and is preferred by many people who are facing fertility issues. But even IVF has specific problems like it has certain side effects, it is expensive and the chances of this process getting successful in the very first time are not guarantee.

While trying to conceive through IVF, women need to care for certain things for the procedure to be successful.

quit smoking to improve fertility
Smoking and drinking can impede your chances to conceive. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Diet:

Women need to take care of their diet for fertility issues. It is recommended to eliminate junk food and include healthy foods like green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

2. Cut down on alcohol and smoking

Toxins like alcohol, cigarettes should be wholly given up. Physical activities like regular exercise and yoga must be initiated to keep the body physically and mentally healthy.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking appropriate amounts of water so that the toxins flush out from the body from time to time.

4. Regulate sleep pattern

Women trying to conceive through this process must also take special care of their sleep. They should refrain from exhausting themselves too much and must give their bodies proper rest.

If these practices are correctly followed, the chances of the IVF getting successful would be more. Even after a woman has conceived through IVF, she needs to take special care of herself throughout the pregnancy period.

Improve your lifestyle habits for better fertility, Image courtesy: Shutterstock

From ensuring a proper diet to getting sufficient rest, everything must be given priority. Lastly and most importantly, remaining stress-free is essential. Although not many people know, stress is also one of the major causes of infertility among men and women. Therefore, keep pressure at bay and try to remain calm and relaxed.

On this Mother’s Day, we pray that all your dreams of becoming a mom are fulfilled!

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