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Shobana Mahansaria



    Shobana Mahansaria is the director of Core Fit Plus.

    Shobana Mahansaria is a born entrepreneur and her ability to create new and ingenious ideas has been her natural talent from early years.

    Born and raised in Thailand, Ms. Mahansaria graduated from the prestigious Clark University, Massachusetts and later received her Master’s Degree from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts.

    The life journey she has had over the years has led her to believe in the sheer signicance of holistic wellness, taking into consideration the various aspects of it viz. emotional, physical, psychological, etc. Overcoming many personal obstacles herself, such as being diagnosed with ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis), wherein she had a doctor tell her how she would be unable to walk ever in her life, yet that did not stop her from reaching towards working for what she believed in. She is of the opinion that every individual can triumph setbacks with personal strength while working towards their wellness.