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Sanmati Sanyam



    Sanmati Sanyam is a qualified Intuitive Energy Healer and a teacher; certified
    as a Holistic Life Manager by Institute of Inner Studies, Manila. Founder and
    Chief Energy Officer (CEO) at House of Healers, Sanmati is the only certified K-
    Power instructor in the whole of South East Asia.

    House of Healers (HOH) is a wellness ecosystem wherein professional and
    seasoned healers enable individuals and groups to cultivate their best lives through healing, practice of meditation, deep immersive retreats and workshops.
    Her tryst with the world of Energy and Healing started in her formative years, but two personal experiences of miraculous healing shifted her life’s course completely. It was in 2014 when she lost her voice and instead of getting her vocal cords operated, as suggested by the best medical professionals, she got her voice back through Pranic Healing. In 2016, she went through a tragic case of facial paralysis for which also she found refuge in the techniques of energy healing.

    After benefitting immensely from the practice, she decided to share the gift of healing with people around her, to enable them to enhance the quality of their lives.

    At HOH, the team of these wonderful healers not only deal with psychological
    stress but also offer business healing, relationship healing, body sculpting,
    physical healing, couple conceiving healing, pre bridal and post bridal healing,
    post pregnancy saggy body upliftment and residential healing to name a few.
    People can also facilitate and experience numerous healing practices at HOH,
    ranging from depression, suicidal tendencies, relationship issues, past trauma – side effects of cancer treatments, infections, skin and blood disorders, etc. In short, encompassing a wide range of fields of expertise.