Jitendra Chouksey


Jitendra Chouksey is the Founder and CEO, Fittr.

A first-generation entrepreneur, Jitendra Chouksey (JC) comes from a small town named Polaha, where he always stood apart due to his passion for education. Even though there were no means of completing formal education in his locality, he travelled to a nearby town every day to ensure he completed his high school degree. His commitment to learning didn’t end there. He graduated as an IT Engineer in 2008 and worked for more than 8 years in the tech sector at companies like IBM, L&T and Mphasis.

The sedentary lifestyle started taking a toll and as a lifelong fitness enthusiast, he wasn’t content with his personal fitness level. He delved deeper into educating himself & experimented on his own body. He came to realize that the secret to fitness wasn’t as complicated as it seemed: it was based on the science of quantified nutrition. Having transformed himself, he went on to win the title of Muscle Mania Muscle Model 2015 and was featured in several health publications such as Men’s Health. He gained the attention of his friends and colleagues who all wanted to learn how to