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Jaisleen Kaur

Mental Health


    Jaisleen Kaur is an Image Consultant, Life Coach and a Soft Skills Trainer from Dehradun. An aspiring professional with a strong commitment to personal development and empowerment, Jaisleen is on a journey to make a meaningful impact in the world of self-improvement.

    Her educational journey began with a Double Major BA in Psychology and English Literature from Sophia College for Women, Mumbai. The dual major reflects her deep-seated interest in understanding human behaviour and her appreciation for the nuances of language and expression.Complementing her dual major, she holds a Masters in Public Relations and Advertising from Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism.

    In addition to her pursuit of certifications, Jaisleen is a Public Relations Strategist and the Founder of Impressions Image & Brand Consultancy. She consults her clients on creating effective public communication strategies, leveraging her deep understanding of messaging and psychology.

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