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Dr Trideep Kumar Choudary

Dr Trideep Choudhury

Mental Health


    Dr Trideep Choudhury has completed his MBBS and M.D. in psychiatry from Assam. He completed his senior residency at L.G.B Regional Institute of Mental Health, Assam, and worked as a consultant psychiatrist in various reputed hospitals, including Narayana Super Speciality Hospitals. He has dealt with various mental health issues, ranging from geriatric adults, adolescents, and children. During these years, he has had the opportunity to deal with depressive disorders, anxiety issues, schizophrenia, mood disorders, OCD, personality issues, post-stroke depression, ICU psychosis, delirium, pre and post-transplant psychiatric issues, couple issues, postpartum depression, dementia, mental health issues due to chronic illnesses like diabetes, thyroid disorders, child disorders like ADHD, etc through medicines and therapy. He is the associate consultant psychiatrist in the department of mental health and behavioral sciences at Fortis Escorts Hospital.

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