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Dr Shreevidya

Dr Shreevidya

General practitioner
  • Expert DegreeMBBS, MD
  • Expert Experience21+ years of experience


Dr Shreevidya is the Medical Director of Preventive Health Services at Apollo. She is a dynamic Internist, Diabetologist, and Women’s Health Specialist, and boasts over two decades of enriching experience in the medical field, particularly in preventive health and women’s wellness. A pivotal figure in, Tamil Nadu’s COVID-19 response, she has notably contributed to crucial pandemic management initiatives.

Dr Shreevidya, an alumna of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, has a decorated career featuring roles at Apollo Hospitals, MGM Healthcare Chennai, the Adyar Cancer Institute, and several esteemed medical colleges.
Her vibrant professional life is matched by a passion for clinical research, trekking, corporate health management, and art, painting a picture of a doctor who skillfully blends medical excellence with a zest for diverse life experiences.