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Dr Sangeeta Hatila

Dr Sangeeta Hatila



    Dr Sangeeta Hatila, MD, is a distinguished Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, former Assistant Professor, and De-addiction Specialist. With a seamless blend of academic brilliance and practical experience, her journey is marked by impactful research, insightful presentations, and active engagement in mental health initiatives.

    In her role as a seasoned Consultant Psychiatrist in Gurugram, Delhi-NCR, Dr. Hatila brings extensive experience to the realm of mental health. From exploring the co-occurrence of autistic spectrum disorder and childhood onset schizophrenia to investigating factors influencing medication adherence among schizophrenia patients, her contributions are pioneering.

    Beyond clinical practice, Dr. Hatila is a dedicated member of the Indian Psychiatric Society, actively involved in mental health advocacy. She organizes awareness rallies, contributes columns on diverse mental health topics to Rajasthan Patrika, and plays a pivotal role in community mental health initiatives. Dr. Sangeeta Hatila is associated with Sukoon Health as a Partner doctor.