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Dr Sacheev Nanda

Dr Sacheev Nanda

Internal Medicine


    Dr Sacheev Nanda, Prosthodontist, gold medalist from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, has undergone advanced training in General and Cosmetic Dentistry with various doctors from around the world. He has spent time training with the Pioneers of Immediate loading dental implants and Basal implants and trained in Advanced Surgical procedures for placing dental implants in areas with little or no bone, pterygoid implants and bone grafting procedures. He has amassed a wide array of skills to help provide a reliable solution to complex cases. He has attended various Dental Update Programmes on treatment technologies and latest trends in dentistry in India and around the world. Currently, he is the Chief Dental Surgeon, (M.D.S) Prosthodontist at Ruby Hall Clinic.

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