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Dr Arunesh Kumar

  • Expert DegreePulmonologist
  • Expert Experience24+ years of experience


Dr Arunesh Kumar is an esteemed Pulmonologist with extensive experience working In the United Kingdom & India. Dr Arunesh is a dedicated medical professional committed to advancing Pulmonary health and providing unparalleled patient-centric care to domestic and international patients. Trained in one of the largest Respiratory Centres in Europe in Leeds, United Kingdom, Dr Arunesh comes with a wealth of experience & passion for Respiratory medicine. As an NHS, UK-trained doctor, Dr Arunesh brings a unique blend of clinical acumen & compassionate care to our institution. One of Dr Arunesh’s key strengths lies in the diagnosis & management of a broad spectrum of respiratory conditions, ranging from common respiratory infections to complex Pulmonary Diseases. Whether it is asthma/allergic airway disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, sleep disorders, Pulmonary Thrombo Embolic disease or lung cancer, Dr Arunesh employs a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to ensure accurate diagnosis & effective treatment plans. He does a wide array of Interventional Pulmonology procedures like Bronchoscopy, EBUS- TBNA, EBUS-TBNC, Endobronchial Lung Cryobiopsy, Thoracoscopy, Thoracentesis, Indwelling Pleural CatheterInsertion.


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