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Atul Edward

Atul Edward



    Atul Edward is a diehard sport enthusiast. He has been one of the most successful players in the Indian Pickleball community. Having represented India in a number of occasions, Atul first saw Pickleball while on a visit in the USA and got a chance to play the game. He was a competitive Badminton player but was not enjoying Badminton for some unknown reasons. Instead, he was in search for some alternate sport that would provide more fun. Once he played Pickeball, it struck a chord with him and Atul found what he was searching for. Having always won a gold in national events and almost half a dozen international medals, Atul Edward finds each of his victory to be special. At the final of Indian Open 2017, he partnered with Elaine Shallcross, a 63-year-old Pickleball enthusiast. Among many achievements, he won Gold in Mixed Doubles at Maharashtra State Championships in 2017, Nanded Gold in Mixed Doubles at Federation Cup Pickleball Championships in 2017, Dehradun Gold in Mixed Doubles at Maharshtra State Championships in 2016, Gold in men’s Doubles at Bangkok Open Pickleball 2018, Gold in Mixed Doubles at Indian Open Pickleball Championships 2017 and Bronze in Men’s Doubles at Amsterdam International Pickleball Tournament 2016.

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