The Chronic Chronicle: A ‘True’ Tale of Affordable Health Care Revolution

Truemeds is an e-pharmacy aimed at bringing a revolution in the health care sector by making it more affordable and accessible.
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HT Brand Studio Updated: 16 Dec 2023, 19:28 pm IST
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Today, digitally advanced, data-backed & evidence-based interventions especially for chronic conditions are spearheading the healthcare sector worldwide.

These approaches aim to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for chronic patients while improving their overall quality of life. Social changes, urbanisation, an unhealthy physical environment and lifestyle are key determinants of chronic diseases. While these determinants lead to the onset of chronic ailments, the high costs associated with medicines, health tests, hospitalisations, appropriate dietary requirements and not enough access to the affordable & requisite care also make it difficult for affected patients to manage such chronic ailments.

With this being the key driver, Truemeds- an e-pharmacy, has brought about a new wave of change in the online healthcare sector, making affordable medicines and free doctor consultations accessible for chronic patients across the length & breadth of the country. This e-pharmacy startup is delivering both branded and affordable substitutes (medicines with 100% same salt composition & effectiveness), strategically sourced from the top 1% medicine manufacturers in India, driving maximum savings for patients on their recurring medicine requirements at scale.

There is also a growing divide between the rural and urban populations as they deal with chronic diseases. To bridge this gap and effectively reach the last mile, policymakers and entrepreneurs look towards data and technology to make affordable healthcare available in the smallest of districts & towns across the country. With internet & digital penetration at its peak, E-pharmacies like Truemeds have done exceptionally well to provide technology-based solutions to solve the problem of the selection, accessibility & delivery of medicines via a website, an app and doctor calls.

Not just this, Truemeds also recommends the right alternatives (affordable substitutes) for expensive branded medicines, with a proprietary algorithm making it easier for anyone to opt for not just pocket friendly but also equal efficacy high quality medicines. UPI, digitised payments, COD & pay later payment options have further greased the wheels in the entire transactional process, making it easier for patients to pay for their orders.

With Truemeds recommended affordable substitutes with exact same salt compositions and efficacy, such chronic patients can save about 51% on their monthly medicine orders. Till date, Truemeds has propagated savings of INR 150+ Crores on medicines serving close to 1 million patients countrywide. These savings not only provide immediate relief but also contribute to long-term financial stability, allowing chronic patients to prioritise their health without worrying about any financial burden.

Coupled with affordability and accessibility, Truemeds stands out because of the convenience that it brings along. Medicines and services like expert doctor consultations can be booked easily at the tap of a button.

With competitive pricing and a lack of regulatory frameworks, there is a surge in counterfeit products entering the market. Data Privacy and potential misuse of prescriptions act as another potential concern. Patient safety, therefore, should be a priority for e-pharmacies to build a sustainable and responsible healthcare ecosystem.

Truemeds in a lot of ways is a shining example of how new-age medtech start-ups are driven by an amalgamation of impact and empathy. To address the hurdles in availability of adequate healthcare, Truemeds has also aligned itself with the government’s vision of making healthcare affordable across the country. Truemeds is not only extending medicines & medical services to its Patients but also providing an affordable gift of life. An unwavering commitment to reliable and high quality medical care whilst upholding the values and needs of chronic patients is what sets Truemeds apart from the other players in the industry, and serves the need of Bharat.

(Disclaimer: This is only an informational article. Kindly use the Truemeds platform as per your discretion.)

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