Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals in collaboration with LOGY.AI introduces AI-based mobile app to detect cataract patients

Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals in collaboration with LOGY.AI has introduced an android application system to detect the presence of a cataract in an individual's eye using a smartphone as a medium.
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Technology has enabled cataract detection via a smartphone. Image courtesy: Shuttterstock
HT Brand Studio Published: 1 Jul 2022, 09:28 am IST
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Eye-care chain Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals in collaboration with Logy.AI envisions has introduced an AI based mobile app to enable the screening of a large number of people for cataract. 

By simply clicking a picture, the application can be used for preliminary screening of the eye. The application has been designed to detect macular disintegration as well. The Artificial Intelligence-based app allows ophthalmologist to identify cataracts on the spot with 92% accuracy.

By addressing the resource constraint in cataract detection, this aims to eradicate preventive blindness in the country.

India has about 8 million blind people, and about 70% of them lose their eyesight due to cataract. However, with early intervention at the right stage, it could be avoided. The AI solution shall help in early screening and treatment at the right stage to avoid blindness.  This is the first time just the smartphone has been used for cataract screening leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

It is set up with the aim to build cutting-edge AI products in the healthcare domain and bridge the gap between clinical medicine and technology by training healthcare professionals in AI.

Meanwhile, the AI-based screening solution is present as a simple chatbot on WhatsApp, so that it can be used for mass screening. It wouldn’t require anyone to download any separate application as only WhatsApp application is required on their smartphone. Also, the solution works with very low internet connectivity in rural areas.

Cataract affects mostly older people. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Speaking on how technology is transforming the healthcare system in India, Dr. Samir Sud, Director & C0-founder, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, said, “Currently, a large number of patients with cataracts have to visit secondary and tertiary care centres. The availability of such a solution can assist doctors at the primary health centres in helping such patients.”

“Photography-based diagnosis with AI would be beneficial in areas with limited resources and ophthalmologists. It also has a role in the provision of remote telemedicine services, the utility of which became more apparent than ever during the current pandemic,”said Deepshikha Sharma, CEO, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals.

“SharpSight hospitals have been one of the most pro-active partners which synergises with our vision of using new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence for promotion of population health screening. Both our teams have been working very hard to ensure elderly people receive the treatment at the right time. We are grateful to the top leadership of Sharp Sight for providing us the opportunity to collaborate in this journey. This technology is definitely going to revolutionize the cataract screening scenario,” said Priyanjit Ghosh, Co-founder, and CEO, Logy.AI.

As pioneers in eye care for over 20 years, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals believes in providing quality eye care for all.

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With over 10 lakh successful surgeries and procedures, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals has already established itself as a leading eye care provider in North & East India with 14 centres and many more to come.

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