Narayana Health is experiencing a notable evolution and rapid growth as a prominent brand

Get a peek into the brand transformation journey of Narayana Health and its future plans for the Indian healthcare industry.
Dr Ashish Bajaj of Narayana Health
Dr. Ashish Bajaj, the Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health
HT Brand Studio Published: 31 Oct 2023, 18:30 pm IST
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Narayana Health, a prominent healthcare facilities network in the country, recently unveiled its revamped brand identity with great enthusiasm.

Brand transformation is a significant undertaking. What were the key challenges and successes you experienced during this process at NH?

Brand Transformation has been a journey that has tested our mettle, as a team. It was the task of creating a New Brand Identity for Narayana Health Group, one which aligns with its evolving vison, mission, business goals & the changing landscape of the healthcare Industry. The journey has demanded months and months of relentless hard work, sleepless nights, meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence. One of the foremost hurdles or challenges we encountered was addressing the valid questions and concerns from our stakeholders regarding the necessity of a brand overhaul. Their loyalty and fondness for the old logo were profound, and rightfully so. Articulating the reasons behind the change and illustrating the potential benefits demanded meticulous communication and thorough understanding.

Over the last few months, we have constantly engaged with our stakeholders, aligning our collective vision for the future. Customer feedback has been at the heart of this transformation. We’ve listened, learned, and adapted, ensuring that our rebranding efforts resonate with the very people we strive to serve and delight. Now that the new brand identity has been unveiled, it has been very well received by all the stakeholders. The Market sentiment around it has also been extremely positive which makes all the efforts undertaken totally worth it.

What recent initiatives or growth strategies has Narayana Health undertaken, and how do these align with your long-term vision for the organization?

Narayana Health is experiencing a notable evolution and rapid growth as a prominent brand. We are strategically consolidating our operations in India while also venturing into new markets and geographies. Additionally, we are targeting underserved regions through telemedicine centers and Narayana clinics.

A significant emphasis is being placed on advancing Oncology services. This involves establishing Radiation units and Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Furthermore, we are intensifying our focus on integrating robotic technology across diverse medical specialties. Our long term vision involves providing comprehensive care and assuming responsibility for all aspects of a patient’s healthcare journey, ranging from preventative measures to treatment. As part of this vision, we have already announced plans to enter the healthcare insurance sector and make investments in healthcare facilities closer to patients’ residences, emphasizing a retail care approach.

Healthcare marketing and branding have witnessed significant transformations. Can you provide insights into how these changes have impacted Narayana Health’s strategies?

Narayana Health has strategically positioned digital marketing as the primary channel for advertisement, encompassing our website, social media platforms, SEO, and PPC campaigns. We’ve made substantial investments to ensure a user-friendly experience on our website and mobile app. Our healthcare marketing approach has evolved to be patient-centric, prioritizing the patient experience and outcomes.

Content Marketing is extremely crucial today for any brand irrespective of the industry they are in. We do content marketing through blogs, videos, and other means which enables us to effectively share our expertise. Additionally, we actively engage in thought leadership as a part of our PR exercise across geographies. We also engage in meaningful interactions with our target audience through social media and plan to employ influencer marketing to broaden our reach and impact.

What is the primary focus for Narayana Health in the upcoming year, and how will it further strengthen your brand and market presence?

‘Take Care’ is our brand promise which emphasizes our dedication to supporting consumers throughout their healthcare journey. As a part of this promise & also our future vision, we wish to deliver integrated care wherein we take full responsibility for every aspect of our patients’ healthcare needs right from prevention to treatment to post care. In line with the same, we have already announced our plans to foray into the Healthcare Insurance business (once we get the necessary approvals from IRDAI) and investing in services closer to patient homes like labs, pharma, clinics etc. All these will be our primary focus in the coming year and should definitely help strengthen our brand & market presence.

Can you provide insights into recent marketing campaigns by Narayana Health, the underlying concepts, and the intended impact on your audience?

Narayana Health has recently undergone a comprehensive brand transformation, encompassing a complete overhaul of our logo and a clear definition of our renewed mission, vision, and core values. Central to this transformation is the integration of ‘Health & Care’ into our visual identity, accompanied by standardized naming across all our healthcare verticals. A nationwide campaign was successfully executed to unveil these changes, generating substantial PR coverage and positive word-of-mouth.

Our primary objective is to establish a ‘Customer First Brand,’ embodying our commitment to consumer well-being. We have chosen ‘Take Care’ as our central theme for all future campaigns, a simple yet powerful promise that underscores our dedication to supporting consumers throughout their healthcare journey. From the moment they engage with our brand to their healthcare experience, we want them to understand that we are here for them, offering more than just care and providing support at every step.

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