Linking Your Abha ID to Buy Critical Illness Insurance Online in 2023

Know why and how to link ABHA ID to invest in illness insurance plans online for your health and well-being.
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Know the benefits and procedure to link ABHA ID for critical illness insurance plans.
HT Brand Studio Published: 15 Dec 2023, 18:34 pm IST
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When you visit the doctor, carrying piles of old medical reports can be a big headache. Storing all that health information safely online makes much more sense, right?

Considering this, the Indian Government instituted the “Ayushman Bharat Health Account” (ABHA), a digital health ID card. Read on to comprehend more about this card and its perks.

Decoding the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA Card)

On September 27th, 2021, the Government of India encouraged the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission (ABDM). Its objective was to furnish all Indian nationals with a digital health ID to enable swift access to medical records. This 14-digit ID can be utilised anywhere in India to share health details with doctors nationwide sans geographical constraints.

ABHA Card: Key Facts

Name: ABHA Health Card
Launch Date: September 27th, 2021
Established By: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Application Fee: Zero cost
Necessary Documents: Aadhaar card/Driving License/PAN card
Relevant Mobile Apps: ACKO, NDHM Health Records
Official Portal:

Here are vital details regarding the ABHA digital health ID online application:

ABDM’s Aims

Healthcare’s digitization has improved efficiency in saving, accessing, and evaluating medical data. However, with multiple disjointed systems, storing/sharing information remains limited in scope. The ABDM seeks to promote health data access and exchange nationally via the National Digital Health Ecosystem (NDHE).

Why Create an ABHA ID?

Carrying reports physically for doctor visits can be cumbersome while tracking medical history oneself is challenging. The ABHA ID solves both issues by consolidating your data digitally for easy sharing with doctors/insurers.

ABHA Card Advantages

Registering for an ABHA ID provides you with the following benefits:

  • Access diagnostics, prescriptions, etc, with just a few clicks
  • Seamlessly share records with hospitals/clinics/doctors anywhere
  • Find Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR) listings of all Indian doctors
  • Locate government/private Health Facility Registry (HFR) listings

Avail AYUSH treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy

ABHA Card Eligibility

The prerequisites to obtain an ABHA ID are:
1. Indian citizenship
3. Valid Aadhaar card

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Necessary Information
While no physical documents are needed for online registration, you may need to provide the following:

  • Phone number
  • Aadhaar details
  • PAN details
  • Driving license number (optional)

Avenues to Obtain ABHA Card

You can generate your ABHA ID through:

  • ACKO app
  • Official ABHA portal
  • ABHA mobile application
  • Select health centres

Getting an ABHA Card Online

Thanks to the ACKO app, obtaining an ABHA ID online is now easy. Follow these steps:

  • Install ACKO app (Android/iOS)
  • Login with OTP and tap ‘Discover’
  • Tap ‘Get Started’ & ‘Create ABHA’. Choose to generate for existing or new member
  • Select a member and enter details like Aadhaar, phone number
  • Create a unique ABHA address

There you go! Your ABHA ID is now generated. Click ‘Download Card’ to save it for future reference.

Associating ABHA ID with Critical Illness Plans

ABHA ID will make purchasing critical illness plans online simpler in 2023. Here’s how to link your ABHA ID!

Why Link ABHA ID?

  • To maintain comprehensive health records, which are essential for managing chronic illness.
  • To have well-organised medical documentation critical for providing continuity of care to those with chronic conditions.
  • To retain complete medical files, as people with ongoing health issues often require coordinated treatment plans.
  • Quicker Claims Processing – Share ABHA ID for insurers to verify and settle claims faster and easily
  • Higher Coverage – Clean records per ABHA can qualify you for a higher sum insured

Linking Process

Below are the steps to link ABHA when you buy critical illness insurance online:

Step 1: Generate ABHA ID
Create an ABHA ID by following the process detailed earlier.

Step 2: Visit the Insurer Website and select Plan
Shortlist critical illness plans on your preferred insurance provider’s website.

Step 3: Initiate application
Begin application with personal/contact particulars. Opt to link ABHA in the medical history section.

Step 4: Permit Record Access
Give consent to the insurer to access your records via linked ABHA ID after reading T&Cs

Step 5: Input ABHA Details
Provide ABHA number, registered mobile, and OTP to connect accounts. Approve insurer access request later.

Step 6: Digitally Approve Access
On your ABHA app, review and authorise access permission to the insurer for your records.


The ABHA Card aims to digitise healthcare records storage/sharing across India for enhanced access. Linking it while buying critical illness plans streamlines the process by enabling insurers transparent access to policyholders’ medical histories. This allows quicker verification and claims processing without additional medical tests.

Additionally, clean records in ABHA ID can make customers eligible for higher insurance coverage. The seamless connectivity enables the retrieval of full medical details with just a few clicks. Truly a milestone initiative to ubiquitously integrate digital health into the average Indian’s life!

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