Gastro surgeon Dr. Soumen Roy creates legacy in medical field with his expertise

Dr. Soumen Roy is a leading gastro surgeons in Odisha. He is known for his expertise in liver problems.
Dr Soumen Roy
Dr Soumen Roy
HT Brand Studio Published: 20 Jul 2022, 11:36 am IST
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Getting into the healthcare sector means that a person will have to give a long-term commitment, will have to work long hours, and sometimes even their personal life might get hampered. That happens because a doctor’s one decision may change anyone’s destiny. Doctors hold the power of taking away others’ pain and suffering by giving them proper medical assistance. These healthcare experts are a continuous source of happiness for many people and their families. One such medical practitioner who has been contributing to the field of medicine for more than 10 years is gastro surgeon Dr. Soumen Roy.

Dr. Soumen Roy who has been in the field of medicine for over a decade has become one of the leading gastro surgeons in Odisha. At present, he is the Senior Consultant at the Department of GI Surgery, GI Oncology, Minimally Invasive, and Bariatric Surgery in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. In all these years he has performed countless GI surgical operations to help numerous people live a disease-free life. His area of expertise includes managing hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers, Gastro-esophageal cancer, cancers of the colon and rectum, liver transplant, and HPB and Liver Transplant Surgery.

From his youth days, Dr. Soumen Roy had the urge to do something for people, and in addition to that, he also had an inclination toward the healthcare sector. Thus he decided to become a medical expert. He got first division in MBBS degree from SCB medical college, Cuttack, Odisha in the year 2001-2007. Then in the year 2009-2011, he completed his training in Masters of Surgery from PGIMER, Chandigarh. After that, in order to enhance his surgical skills, he attained a Master of Surgery (MCh) degree in GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation from the renowned AIIMS Institute, New Delhi. Dr. Soumen Roy is one of those people who believe in the concept that ‘studying has no age limit’. Thus to further expand his knowledge in the field, he did two fellowships, one in Liver transplant from Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, and the second in Minimal Access Surgery from Max Hospital, New Delhi.

Sharing his expert knowledge, Dr. Soumen Roy says, “In all these years, I have witnessed a lot of cases and have treated a lot of patients. What I realized is that people often neglect any stomach issues they face. They think that it might be normal pain, however, what they do not understand is that ‘no pain is normal’. It is your body indicating that there is something wrong, a ‘normal pain’ might actually be a serious liver or intestine issue. So my foremost advice is to never self-diagnose yourself, but rather go to an expert. With that avoid alcohol and smoking, eat plenty of green vegetables, avoid preserved or burnt meats, keep a normal weight, and exercise regularly.”

All this time in the field of medicine has no doubt given Dr. Soumen Roy a great understanding of how things work. Due to his good work, he also got associated with various renowned groups. He is a lifetime member of the Liver Transplant Society of India (LTSI), In addition to that, he is also a member of a few other associations like the European-International hepato-pancreaticobiliary association(E-IHPBA), Indian association of surgical gastroenterology (IASG), international society of liver transplantation (ILTS), the association of surgeons of India (ASI), and Indian association of surgical gastroenterology (IASG).

With his work, Dr. Soumen Roy has brought a positive change in society and in various people’s lives. He has helped a lot of people in living a new life. Upliftment of society is his ulterior motive and he aims to bring more changes in the healthcare sector of India so that no one has to ever face the repercussions. Especially after the pandemic, he has become even more conscious. The best part about all this is that the people of society are also acknowledging his efforts. He has gotten various certificates of appreciation including one of appreciation for assisting 3 liver transplants (2 living and 1 cadaveric) in a single day on the 35th anniversary of the Apollo Hospital Group.

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