Worried about acne on your chest and neck? A dermatologist reveals 6 reasons behind it

Published on: 7 August 2020, 16:54 pm IST

Turns out, acne on the neck and chest makes for a fairly common problem. Here are the reasons that could cause it.

acne on neck and chest
The same rule applies here: don’t pop the pimples! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Just like your ex, a pimple can pop-up anytime, anywhere. It isn’t just the face, you will find breakouts on your chest and neck as well! If you’re someone who struggles with pimples, you probably already know what I’m talking about.

If dealing with face acne wasn’t enough, an acne-prone body makes it worse. You just never know when the next pimple will pop out. But, it is common. Moreover, acne on your neck and chest can happen for various reasons. 

To put some light on why many suffer from neck or chest acne, we talked to Dr. Sachin Dhawan, senior consultant, department of dermatology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. Dr. Dhawan points out the following reasons:

1. Oily skin
If your neck or chest happen to be as oily as your face, it might be the reason for the acne. There might be excessive sebum production giving way to clogged pores which may lead to acne on your chest and neck just like your face.

2. Growth of fungus
Sometimes, acne can occur because of the growth of fungus on the hair follicles of your body. This looks similar to hormonal or bacterial acne.

3. Sweat
Dr. Dhawan says, “If you sweat a lot, then it could be the reason for acne on your chest and neck. After exercising or sweating too much, make sure you take a bath with an anti-acne body wash or soap to avoid any acne on your body.” So, prefer wearing loose cotton clothes which are not very tight around the neck where you tend to sweat more.

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benefits of coconut water,
After sweating it out in your challenging workouts, don’t forget to shower. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Hormonal imbalances
Be it periods or pregnancy, your hormonal balance going for a toss can lead to acne around these areas. Dr. Dhawan also says, ”People who do hardcore gyming often use hormonal injections and whey protein which can also be the reason for the acne.”

5. Makeup, perfume and your hair
If you’re noticing a lot of acne on your neck, it can be because of the perfume or makeup products that you’re using on the area. Your hair could also be the culprit. Your hair tends to get dirty and when you’re wearing makeup, it can contaminate that area.

6. Sugary food in your diet
If you consume too much sugar, it can spike your blood sugar levels which can cause an acne breakout. So, try moderating your sugar intake to stay free of acne!

Acne doesn’t go away in a day, so we already know that patience is the key. But, if it’s been too long and nothing seems to have worked, then you need to give it more attention. In fact, talking to a skin specialist is advisable.

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