2 skincare swaps you MUST make in winter

The winter season calls for extra attention to your skincare routine, and certain simple swaps and habits can work wonders. Read on to find out.
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Team Health Shots Published: 28 Nov 2021, 19:00 pm IST
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Just like you switch your wardrobe to suit the season, making some swaps in the skincare products that you use in winter is also important.

The winter chill can impact your skin in more ways than one, says according to Dr Syed Nazim, Dermatologist, Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon, Royal Lush Skin Clinic, Saket, New Delhi.

Here’s how the cold weather can play out for your skin:

  • It can narrow down your blood vessels which can result in dehydration to your skin
  • It can lead to redness
  • It can lead to dry patches
  • It can lead to skin peeling and other issue
  • People who have normal-dry skin will face more winter dryness in comparison to those with oily skin. So if you have dry skin, your skin needs extra care.

To get rid of all your skin issues in winters, make these simple switches to your skincare regime:

1. Change your gel or foam cleanser to cream-based

In winter, your skin already lacks moisture, and if you will use a foam cleanser, it will harm your skin and you will end up irritating your skin. A cream cleanser can provide your skin with the right amount of moisture. If you have oily skin, there may be a chance that cold air will not affect you severely.

2. Swap your light moisturiser to a heavier cream-based moisturizer

Switch your summer lightweight moisturiser into something heavier and try a richer cream this winter. That will protect your skin not just from cold air, but also give it long-lasting moisture. All you need to look for is one moisturiser that contains fatty acids, since having this in your moisturiser will help the skin to lock in moisture and maintain its protective barrier. You can look for shea butter, wheatgram, milk cream, etc in the moisturiser you pick.

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Besides these two swaps, make sure you follow these steps for your skincare:

  • Exfoliate your skin regularly

Due to all dry and dead skin cells, your face might look dull. So, to overcome these issues, all you need to do is exfoliate your skin. But remember not to overdo it. Exfoliating twice or thrice a week is enough.

  • Start using a toner if you weren’t using it

If you haven’t used a face toner, it is highly recommended for your winter skincare routine. The reason behind is just because it balances the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. As a result, it helps in protecting the hydration of your skin. Also, applying a toner before your moisturiser will improve the absorption ability.

  • Start using a serum if it wasn’t a part of your summer skincare

If you haven’t included a serum in your skincare regime, you might be missing out on some essential nourishment for your skin. It also has anti-ageing benefits. Serums are more slender in consistency yet contain a potent concentration of active ingredients.

Serums are applied before your moisturiser to allow ingredients to get absorbed into the skin and provide maximum results. The serum is a perfect way to give moisture and nourishment to your skin and also to protect you all against dry winter air!

Exfoliation is important to get rid of dead skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The last words

Don’t ignore your hands while taking care of your skin. Your hands need as much attention as your skin needs. Show your hands the same love with a rich, luxurious cream that can make dryness disappear!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen while going out. Whether it is summer or winter, never quit on your sunscreen lotion.

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Also, it is extremely important that you pick up products according to your skin type.

Try to make a habit of following these simple tips to get a long-lasting glow on your skin.

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