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Hyperpigmentation can make your skin tone uneven! Here’s what causes it

Dealing with skin hyperpigmentation, a patch that looks darker than your natural skin tone, can be frustrating. Here's what causes it.
A woman with hyperpigmentation
Eating bell peppers can help you deal with pigmentation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 14:57 pm IST
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Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common skin condition marked by discoloration of the skin, making it uneven. It occurs when the skin produces too much melanin, which is a type of protein responsible for giving your skin its natural colour. It affects almost all types of skin.

This uneven skin pigmentation can be because of several factors. These factors, in turn, cause pigmentation disorders in certain areas including the face, arms, and legs. Before you find out what can treat the condition, you should know the causes behind hyperpigmentation.

Here’s what causes hyperpigmentation
1. Sun exposure

Extensive sun exposure can make your skin look darker, uneven, and often with patches. People with pigmentation should prevent and protect their skin from sun exposure, otherwise it can result in hyperpigmentation, which can be tricky to combat. Generally, sunspots are more likely to affect areas of skin that include your face, arms, and legs. 

causes of hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation results from too much sun or sun equivalent exposure. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

There are a number of factors that can raise inflammation in your skin. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – dark black or brown spots on the skin – can occur either due to acne spots or when skin becomes irritated from aggressive acne treatment or maybe because of skin injury. 

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3. Melasma

Melasma, which is also called chloasma, is a skin condition characterized by brown and blue-gray patches or freckle-like spots. It is an acquired form of hyperpigmentation that is mostly seen on the face. The exact pathogenesis is unknown. However, it may be caused by the presence of biologically active melanocytes in the affected skin, hormonal changes, or exposure to UV rays. It occurs especially during pregnancy.

4. Certain drugs

Certain medications such as antimalarial drugs and tricyclic antidepressants can result in hyperpigmentation because they increase the sensitivity of your skin, making your skin darker and patchy. 

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5. Ageing

Sometimes pigmentation is also associated with ageing. Tan lines, wrinkles, and hypertension are some of the skin conditions that occur with ageing. Ageing may cause the appearance of pale brown to dark brown spots on the skin. 

causes of hyperpigmentation
Skin ageing may lead to hyperpigmentation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Acne scars

Acne-related hyperpigmentation occurs when dark patches develop after a blemish has healed. Acne-related hyperpigmentation is really a common condition which can make your skin look pale and flaky. 

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Here are ways that can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation:
  • You can apply apple cider vinegar regularly because it contains polyphonic compounds that are beneficial in managing hyperpigmentation
  • Always wear sunscreen when you step out. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated because moisture helps to improve the skin complexion.
  • Sandalwood helps to lighten hyperpigmentation spots. So you can use a sandalwood face mask to deal with your skin condition. 

Ladies, you can also visit the doctor if these home remedies do not cure the condition. And if it gives you a sense of relief to know, hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition.

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