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6 top summer skincare tips for kids who can’t stay in

Summer season comes with its skin problems. These skin care tips for kids will help them beat the summer heat and keep skin issues at bay.
Muscle development in children
Muscle growth is important for kids. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 1 Jun 2022, 16:50 pm IST
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We need to talk about the excessive summer heat India is facing right now. It’s definitely draining for everyone around. Even your babies and kids need to be protected and equipped to deal with the extreme heat. We are listing some skin care tips for kids that will help them protect their skin from excessive sun exposure and problems like prickly and rashes.

Health Shots spoke to skincare expert Akanksha Sharma, who listed tips to keep the delicate skin of your kids healthy and soft in summer months.

Sharma says, “With the temperatures rising, the skin issues too are on a rise. But worry not, there’s a way out for every summer skin problem that your child may be dealing with. The first that comes to mind when we think of heat is usually prickly heat, also known as heat rashes. This is caused due to excessive sun exposure, dehydration, and heat in the body. It’s usually identified as red marks or rashes on the baby’s cheek, bum area or on the back and this can happen to the older children too.”

Increased heat leads to increased bacterial infections. In summer, kids often get skin infections due to sweating, heat and even folliculitis, as they step out in the sun. It leads to inflamed hair pores which may sometimes turn painful.

According to Sharma, “Sweating is a natural body reaction to heat. In an attempt to cool the body down, our body releases sweat. And with young children and increased running and playing, they tend to overheat and sweat even more.”

Here are some skin problems that kids and babies get:

  1. Sweating too much in the summer season can lead to multiple skin and scalp infections. The sweat may often collect in the skin folds of little babies and lead to rashes and marks.
  2. Surprisingly, dryness exists even in the summer, and is often caused due to reduced hydration in the body. In northern India, the heat wave that blows in the summer lead to even more dryness. Skin peeling and damage can be caused due to summer dryness.
  3. Of course with the summer sun comes sun damage. The powerful UV rays can lead to skin issues especially on the sensitive skin of children leaving spots, rashes and even actual skin damage.

But to battle all these skin issues, there are simple things you can do as preventative measures. The most important one being keeping the body hydrated. “While breastfeeding, the babies get enough water from breast milk/formula, but toddlers and kids need a higher water consumption. This helps not just the skin but can protect the kids from all dehydration related health issues like tummy upsets, body cramps, nausea and more,” Sharma, Co-founder, and CEO, Citta World, told Health Shots.

Here are some top skin care tips for kids:

1. Keep them hydrated

Getting kids to drink water isn’t always easy so drinks like lemonade or coconut water also nourish the body and skin. Get creative by adding different fruits like strawberry and mint to flavor the water. Along with liquids keep the diet light, encourage the kids to eat more water based fruits and vegetables to keep the body feeling active and light. Watermelon and cucumbers make for great snacks and also add tons of water to the body.

how to prevent dehydration
Give your kids the right foods to prevent dehydration! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Dress them in breathable fabrics

“Make children and babies wear comfortable clothes that aren’t tight and stick to the body. Wearing breathable fabrics like cotton or linen helps keep the body cool and dry. Especially during their playtime, make sure they wear light colors and a cap too,” says Sharma

3. Let them play indoors

Avoid too much sun time. While most children love to play outside during their beloved summer holidays, prevent them from going out in the afternoon. Advise them to play in the evening closer to sunset or early morning. Always apply a sunscreen appropriate for kids before they step out of the house.

first period
Following these skin care tips for kids is not that hard! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Bathe them

After playing and sweating, make sure to give children a bath. It is advised to bath twice a day when they play in excessive dirt and are sweating heavily. Make sure to choose a shampoo that mildly cleans hair and the scalp and is free from harmful toxins or parabens/sulphates. Since kids may be bathing twice in the summer, use a body wash that is made from nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or coconut. It will prevent the skin from drying out.

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5. Moisturize well

Sharma advises keeping the skin cool and dry in the summer is important but it often causes even more skin dryness. Kids may sweat more but this doesn’t mean we skip moisturizer. So, remember to moisturize your kids and babies even in the peak of heat. Use moisturizers with ingredients that hydrate the skin like coconut and shea butter. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer well suited for kids.

baby skincare
In summer, your baby’s skin needs attention too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Use a talc-free powder

Lastly, to reduce the chances of skin issues caused due to sweating apply a talc-free baby powder, especially in the folds of babies and their diaper area. However, make sure that you are using a talc-free powder since talc contains carcinogens.

Maintaining excellent hygiene is even more important in the summer, since children sweat during their playtime. Since no play is no option, keep them summer ready with these skin care tips for kids. Here’s wishing them a happy summer!

  • 141
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