Love make-up? It’s time to keep it away from bacteria for flawless skin

If you like to dress up, you know make-up is BAE. But expired make-up and unclean tools can be problematic for your skin. Read this to know how to keep them away from all kinds of bacteria.
An unclean make-up brush can exacerbate your acne. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 30 Dec 2021, 12:00 pm IST
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Gals! It’s time for the ultimate party. And when it comes to partying, it also means dressing up in the finest of your clothes. Of course, a hint of make-up always accentuates your look. But there is one thing that you should NOT miss out on is cleaning your brushes and sponge. Also, make sure to check if your products are intact and not expired.

Why are we raising it? Because make-up and the tools can be attacked by all kinds of bacteria, if not taken care of on a daily basis. And when you apply the same on your fragile skin, you might experience acne, rashes, and flaky skin.

Now you know why we are so concerned. But how can you go about it? Well, for that keep reading.

Renowned dermatologist Dr Shareefa Chause shares 4 simple ways to protect your skin and make-up from bacteria:

  1. Pay attention to your make-up products

    Dust and bacteria can sit on the makeup, and give a tough time to your skin. Do not leave your makeup products open for a long time. Keep an eye on the expiry date of the product. Notice if the colour or smell changes. Change the make-up products after regular intervals.

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    Ideally, it will be best to replace after every 6 months. “Using old makeup products can cause harm to your skin and encourage the growth of bacteria. So, be watchful, and use good products recommended by an expert that suits your skin. If you are planning to get your make-up done at a salon, it is a good idea to use your makeup products. The products used by the salon can contain germs and bacteria. Try to avoid water-based products, as they can encourage the growth of bacteria,” says Dr Chause from Apollo Spectra Mumbai.

  2. Clean your hands

    Before touching the make-up products and applying them to the skin, make sure your hands are clean. Or else, the products can get contaminated with germs. Do not do your makeup while at public places like offices or a restroom, as the products can get contaminated with bacteria.

  3. Sanitize the products from time to time

    It is the need of the hour to sanitize the make-up and the tools after every use to avoid bacteria and germs. Moreover, it is also recommended to avoid sharing make-up products with anyone. Use a cloth to clean the products and tools.

    Make sure that you wash the brushes regularly as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Using dirty brushes can lead to breakouts on the skin. Make-up brushes can be cleaned with gentle baby shampoo. You will have to keep rinsing the brushes until the water is clear.

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    It’s better to step out with patchy foundation instead of a skin infection. Image courtesy: Giphy

    “Tweezers, scissors, eyelash curlers also need to be cleaned with wipes. Instead of dipping the finger into the products, use an applicator. Wash the applicator too. It is also necessary to clean the make-up back frequently. Due to the remains of the makeup, the bag can also get contaminated with germs and bacteria. So, you need to wash the bag and keep it clean,” recommends Dr Chause.

  4. Store the make-up properly

    You should store the products in the cupboard or a drawer. Never store the products in the bathroom, as it may be convenient for you. There can be germs and bacteria that can get transferred to the make-up products and steal your peace of mind.

So what if the lockdown has crushed your plans, you can still be party-ready and welcome 2022 at home. But before you do that, make sure you follow these tips! Because frankly, we don’t want another hassle besides Covid-19 in 2022.

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