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This 5-step nighttime skincare routine will ensure you wake up with flawless skin

When you sleep at home, your skin gets a chance to repair and rejuvenate. Which is why it is important to invest your time in a nighttime skincare routine.
Nighttime skincare routine
Pamper your skin at home to see amazing results in the morning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Geeta Grewal Published: 27 Sep 2020, 11:30 am IST
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Your skin is exposed to tremendous stress. Then be it the physical stress of pollution, dirt, UV rays, increased screen time, and N95 masks—or the increased mental and emotional stress we are all facing these days.

All of this stress, takes a toll on healthy skin. An ideal nighttime skincare routine helps to hydrate your skin and replenishes the nutrition to help repair and rejuvenate during the night time.

Which is why taking care of your skin before you sleep is tremendously important. Here are five things you must do at night to wake up with flawless skin in the morning.

1. Face wash religiously
First and foremost, cleanse and remove dirt, pollutants, grime, and makeup from your face. Use micellar water, ready-made makeup removal pads, or kitchen ingredients like coconut oil or milk cream to dissolve the dirt and pollutants.

You can also use hydrating cleansers available in market to double cleanse as they help to clean sebum and dirt and do not strip off the natural moisturiser factors from your skin.

Nighttime skincare routine
Include a hydrating facewash in your nighttime skincare routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Exfoliate the dirt
To achieve glowing skin overnight, this is the simplest technique you could follow. Exfoliation is the process of removing the unwanted dead skin cells on your skin.

For this, you can make use of an exfoliator, with or without a scrub, or just make use of a strong scrub, with your bare hands and massage it down your face and remove it. After a good night’s sleep, the difference will be clearly noticeable.

3. Moisturise for hydration
After washing your face, it might turn dry sometimes—especially if you are using a bathing soap on your facial skin. To ensure that it doesn’t further dry up due to the weather or make up, you must make sure to apply a thin layer of moisturizer for the perfect morning hydration and glow.

Nighttime skincare routin
Choosing a nourishing moisturiser can leave your skin soft and supple in the morning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Use a face pack and a mild face scrub once a week to deep exfoliate your skin. A clay pack with neem extracts and a pinch of rock salt can hydrate and have that extra soothing effect.

4. Invest in a night-repair cream and sleep mask
You should also choose a night repair cream with active ingredients, like peptides, vitamins, or retinol if you are above 35 years of age to get the collagen induction started.

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Without using any anti-ageing cream, simply put on your moisturiser along with a sleep mask to wake up beautiful in the morning. Choose a moisturiser that has vitamin E content which can be effective for repairing your skin during sleeping.

5. Moisturise your lips
You should use lip balms or lip masks for plump and hydrated lips. No one likes chapped lips! Crushing up a strawberry and adding it to a honey and olive oil mixture is the easier lip balm you can make at home.

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Follow these tips for an ageless skin.

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About the Author

Dr Geeta Grewal, MS, Cosmetic Surgeon is CMD and founder of 9 Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram. She is a master trainer of BOTOX, Threads, Fillers. She focuses on non-invasive treatments for the full face and neck. After pursuing masters from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, she worked in the oncosurgery department of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi where she performed post-radical surgery reconstruction procedures. Taking her journey further, she worked in the Plastic Cosmetic Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery at Medanta. After pursuing masters in general surgery, she worked in the oncosurgery department of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi where she performed post-radical surgery reconstruction procedures. She has received tutelage under numerous international renowned doctors including Dr. Arthur Swift, Dr. Woffles Wu and Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald. ...Read More

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