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Dull skin? Here are some superb skin care benefits of dermaplaning

Want to exfoliate your skin to make it flawless? Here are some superb benefits of dermaplaning that will help you achieve that.
benefits of dermaplaning
This skin care procedure is something your skin may benefit from. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 16 May 2022, 15:00 pm IST
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Dull and tired-looking skin is a mood sucker for many. No matter what you apply to your face, your skin just seems to reject it. If that’s the mess you’re dealing with, turn to exfoliation ladies. A lot of times skin just won’t accept your TLC in the form of skincare just because it has a barrier of oil, dirt, sebum, and dead skin all over it. This is where the procedure of dermaplaning steps in. To understand deeply the benefits of dermaplaning, we reached out to an expert.

Dr Noopur Jain, a well-known MD Dermatologist, spoke to Health Shots and shared her wide knowledge about the procedure of dermaplaning.

What does dermaplaning entail?

Dr Jain shares “Dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure that involves scraping the top layer of skin off the face with a medical-grade scalpel. The shave removes dead skin cells as well as fine vellus hairs known as peach fuzz, leaving the face’s surface silky smooth. This type of exfoliation, also known as a scalpel facial, helps new skin rise to the surface by stimulating the development of new skin cells. It gives patients a more youthful and dewy appearance without the use of harsh chemicals, lengthy downtime, or pain.”

Here are some benefits of dermaplaning:

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of this treatment is that it gives patients a rested, rejuvenated appearance. The skin on the face appears smoother and younger, and patients appear less stressed and more relaxed. Scalpel facials, on the other hand, have a number of other advantages, some of which are comparable to far harsher facial treatments.

1. Revitalized skin

One of the nicest benefits of dermaplaning is that this treatment has a revitalizing effect on the skin. It removes dead skin cells and encourages the growth of new ones. The skin tone is evened out, and hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on the skin, is reduced. Overall, the skin appears to be younger and brighter. The patient’s complexion is brightened and rough spots on the skin’s surface are smoothed over.

homemade neem face pack
The initial benefits of dermaplaning are the blinding glow and smooth skin you get! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Fewer wrinkles and fine lines

All of those new skin cells also aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, preventing some of the first signs of ageing.

3. No peach fuzz

“Although scalpel facials are well-known for their skin-rejuvenating properties, they also help to eliminate the peach fuzz that so many patients suffer from. Even though the fine hair is mostly undetectable, you will be surprised at how good you look once they’re gone. Your skin will feel good to the touch and your face will practically glow. After treatment, many patients say their face feels as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom. One of the benefits of this treatment is that it can be used on darker, more stubborn hair,” says Dr Jain, who is also the founder of skin Delhi-NCR skin clinic SkinZest.

causes of high testosterone level
Those pesky hairs on your face will be gone too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Skincare and makeup sits well on skin

Among the initial benefits of dermaplaning is superb absorption of skincare products. Also, once your face is free of peach fuzz and dead skin cells, your makeup will get applied much more smoothly. You will save time on your morning makeup routine, and your face will look better once you’ve finished. Have you ever noticed how fine facial hairs stand up and out once foundation and powder have been applied? After this treatment, you won’t have to be concerned about the appearance of those pesky hair strands.

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