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Skip the soap and hydrate your dry skin with The Moms Co Natural Body Wash

Soaps can be really harsh on the skin, especially in the winter when your skin is already on the drier side. That’s why you must switch to a hydrating body wash like The Moms Co Natural Body Wash.
The Moms Co Natural Body Wash
This body wash will cleanse your skin while hydrating it.
Meghna Kriplani Updated: 20 Nov 2020, 08:38 am IST
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Welcome to the season of dry skin. During these cold winter months, your skin is bound to feel stretchy, itchy, and dry. Blame it on the dip in the humidity levels or the layers of scratchy woollens—either way you will have to amp up the TLC you usually give to your skin. And we don’t mean just your face.

While we invest in gentle cleansers, fancy serums, and expensive night creams for our face—we hardly do the same service for the skin on limbs and other parts of the body. While you may not need advanced formulations to nourish your body, certain basics need to be in place if you want to avoid flaky skin.

What are these basics you ask? Well, we’re talking about gentle cleansing and moisturising. And for this, you need start by ditching the harsh soap you normally use for a hydrating cleanser like The Moms Co Natural Body Wash.

soap for cleaning vagina
Soaps can make your skin dry, which is why you need to switch to a hydrating body wash instead! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What makes The Moms Co Natural Body Wash special?

Well, this gentle cleansing body wash is specially formulated for the dry and stretchy skin that women tend to experience during pregnancy. You don’t need to be expecting to reap the benefits of this product, because it’s made with nurturing plant oils and is chemical-free.

In fact, here are some ingredients that make this body wash worth writing home about for all women—pregnant or otherwise:

1. Coconut-based cleansers

This body wash is laden with the nourishing properties of coconut, thanks to which it cleanses while also ensuring that your skin doesn’t lose its moisture.

2. Orange essential oil

This is what gives The Moms Co Natural Body Wash its unique scent. Orange essential oil is known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, so this body wash can legit lift your mood.

orange essential oil
The orange essential oil in this body wash can uplift your mood like no other! Image courtesy: Unsplash
3. Pro-vitamin B5

Along with coconut, this vitamin in the body wash helps to hydrate the skin, make it soft, and improve elasticity. This helps to not only prevent stretch marks in pregnant women but also reduce itchiness caused by dryness.

4. Ginger essential oil

This ingredient is what makes this body wash truly special for expecting women, since ginger essential oil can reduce nausea and morning sickness.

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This body wash is also made without any sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, or artificial fragrances—which truly makes it a safe product to use during pregnancy.

Here’s how you can use The Moms Co Natural Body Wash

Take a few drops of the body wash and massage it onto wet skin with your hands. You can also make use of a loofah. Rinse it off with water—et voila! You’re done. Follow it up with a rich body butter like The Moms Co Natural Body Butter, which works to soothe dry skin.

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