We got a celebrity tattoo artist to tell you everything you need to know about tattoo removal

Thinking of getting that tattoo removed? Worried that it might hurt? Worst still, that lasers won’t be enough? Read what an expert has to say on the matter.
tattoo removal
Getting inked hurts, but do does getting that tattoo removed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sunny Bhanushali Updated: 21 Feb 2020, 18:29 pm IST
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The stigma of having and getting tattoos seem to have disappeared in the last decade or so, bringing tattoos into mainstream culture. But there are some who are still worried about getting a tattoo because it is permanent.

However, with advancement of technology, tattoo removal is not only becoming more effective but a lot more accessible and affordable as well.

So now, if you’re the not-so-proud owner of some regrettable ink from your teens or you just want to get rid of an old tattoo to make room for a new one–you actually have the option of doing so.

But before you book your appointment, you should probably know what you’re getting yourself into.

How exactly does tattoo removal work?
Unlike a laser pointer that produces a continuous beam of light, tattoo removal lasers produce pulses of light energy. Each pulse of energy goes into the skin, making contact with the tattoo ink.

The ink absorbs the energy and breaks down into small particles, which the body absorbs and our lymphatic system flushes out.

It takes a few session to remove a tattoo
It is believed that it takes 10 to 20 sittings for a tattoo to be removed. But, there is always a possibility that the results could be less than satisfactory. You see, there are many factors that affect how the tattoo reacts to the treatment.

Some of them include the age of the tattoo, the placement of the tattoo and the ink used

Tattoo removal hurts
Since, you’ve already gotten a tattoo you probably won’t make a big deal out of it–but tattoo removal isn’t completely pain-free.

tattoo removal
Not all tattoo colours are the same, which is why some tattoos might be more difficult to get rid of.

You need to mentally prepare yourself as there is more to it than quick and easy laser sessions. Tattoo removal is uncomfortable–but there are a lot of methods to minimise the pain like numbing creams and ice.

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Moreover, the placement of the tattoo determines how much pain and discomfort you may feel. There are some body parts that are more sensitive.

It’s possible to remove some tattoos completely
In the past, tattoo removal just meant leaving behind a weird outline. Thanks to new and growing technology in the lasers, they can now almost be fully erased.
About five to six years ago, the goal was to give a very light faded look so that you can almost NOT see the tattoo. But you could see a slight hint of it because the lasers were not as effective as they are today.

Today lasers can essentially give you normal looking skin in that area. So yes, with a lot of time, effort, and also money–it is possible to erase your tattoo from your body forever.

What to expect after removing the tattoo?
After the treatment, it is normal to expect the area to be red, swollen, and bruised. Some people experience blistering and crusting as well. People go through the discomfort for about a week post the treatment.

The area needs to be covered in a salve and bandaged for a few days, after which it starts to scab and peel.

So there you go! Here is everything you need to know about getting a tattoo removed!

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