Here’s why you can’t afford to skip exfoliation during the monsoon season

Come monsoon, your skin tends to pose new problems that are difficult to tackle. Therefore, exfoliation is one of the most important skincare tips for the season.
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Keep your skin healthy by exfoliating during the monsoon season. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 3 Jul 2021, 12:05 pm IST
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Do you love the rainy season but hate the way it troubles your skin? You’re certainly not alone. The monsoon season brings with it certain skin troubles and it’s pretty common. The reality is that most of us follow a strict skincare routine during winters and monsoons, but very conveniently skip a routine for monsoons. Isn’t it?

The thing about monsoons is that the resulting humidity and heat invite viral and fungal infections. Experiencing skin eczema, pimples, acne, heat rashes, warts, dermatitis, and skin allergies are commonly-heard monsoon skin problems. 

In fact, since your skin is exposed to increased humidity during the monsoon season, it tends to lose its ability to retain moisture and turns eczematic. No wonder, your skin becomes highly dry and itchy. Overall, it can actually affect the health of your skin to a great extent. But is there any solution? Fret not ladies, there is always a solution to your problems! To rescue your skin during the monsoon season, you need to EXFOLIATE

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Wonder how exfoliating your skin can help? Here’s how

Well, exfoliation is the process to remove the dead skin, making way for clearer skin underneath. It is the best way to keep that glow on your face, especially during the monsoon. 

skincare tips
Exfoliate your skin to take care of it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
That’s not all! Count the various benefits of exfoliating your skin here:
1. Removes dead skin

The monsoon season can turn your skin into a breeding ground for a plethora of germs and bacteria. That can cause serious issues to your skin. To prevent this problem, exfoliate your skin with any homemade gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin. This will unclog your pores. 

2. Prevents acne

Monsoon also hosts a high level of moisture content in the environment, thus making your skin susceptible to acne, rashes, and other skin conditions. When exfoliating your skin, you’re effectively unclogging your pores, which not only prevents whiteheads and blackheads, but also gets rid of other blemishes—namely acne.

skincare tips
Get rid of acne by exfoliating during the monsoon season. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Keeps your skin oil-free

You might love the monsoon season for the romance it brings to our lives. But it’s not the same for your skin, because of the excess oil it produces. Therefore exfoliating your face regularly is really important in order to avoid pimples, blackheads, and clogged pores. This will also help you avoid fungal infections, thereby helping to combat greasy skin.

So ladies, now you know how important it is to exfoliate your skin during the monsoon season to prevent any such problems. Don’t skip exfoliating and keep your skin healthy!

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