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Beware! These 5 common habits could be damaging your skin

From using a product too often to believing any and all skincare tips, some common habits can cause major skin damage. Here are 5 to be wary of.
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Are you guilty of practicing any of these five habits? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 14 Dec 2020, 02:58 pm IST
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Don’t we all want skin that spells healthy and beautiful? And in order to achieve that goal, we include different products in our routine, believe any and all skincare tips, and opt for all kinds of fancy treatments available in the market. But, have you ever thought that the culprit behind your skin damage are your daily habits?

Yes, it’s true. There are certain habits that exacerbate our skin troubles, and keep us away from having the beautiful skin we deserve. Here are five extremely common habits that we’re all guilty of practicing that cause major damage to our skin: 

1. Not washing your face before going to bed

It is a cardinal sin to not wash your face before going to bed, especially if you’ve got makeup on. It is bound to cause breakouts and give you damaged skin. Even when you haven’t applied makeup, you must wash your face before going to bed, because oil build-up and dust that accumulates on the skin surface all day long can cause harm. So, if you’ve been avoiding this, it is best to make this a habit right away. It will keep your skin clean, healthy and clear of breakouts.

2. Not wearing sunscreen during winters

So many of us are guilty of doing this! We end up thinking that the sun isn’t bright enough and won’t be affecting our skin in the cold months. The truth, however, is that just because the sun isn’t bright enough doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Exposure to sunlight without wearing sunscreen leads to photodamage, which can result in the early appearance of the signs of ageing such as fine lines. The bottom line is that you cannot skip wearing your sunscreen, irrespective of season and temperature. It offers you protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun and ensures your skin stays healthy.

why you need sunscreen indoors
Should you, or should you not wear sunscreen indoors? Let’s settle this debate right away!
3. Using one pillowcase for too long

Pillowcases, like any surface, collect dust. When we end up using the same pillowcase for too long, it ends up transporting all the dust and impurities on our face upon contact. If you’ve been experiencing breakouts, it’s probably time to change your pillowcase!

4. Exfoliating very often

We already know too much of anything is bad, and the same goes for exfoliation. You need to exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin. It will keep your skin free from breakouts and give you a healthy glow. Over exfoliating, on the other hand, will cause damage to the outer layer of your skin and come in the way of its protective function. It might even lead to rashes and cause a stingy feeling when you apply different products.

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5. Spending too much time in rooms with extreme temperatures

Be it too cold or too hot, extreme temperature affects your skin’s moisture levels.They end up stripping your skin of its natural moisture. However, appliances like ACs and room heaters are being commonly used these days. Be it summer or winter, we often use these appliances to find refuge from the harsh temperatures outside. But, these appliances need to be used wisely to ensure our skin doesn’t become dry.

So, ladies, break up with these habits for healthy, beautiful skin!

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