Embrace these 5 skincare habits in your 20s for flawless skin your 40s

The damage your skin suffers in your 20s starts reflecting when you turn 40. So, how about taking charge now with this skincare routine?
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Shreya Gupta Published: 30 Sep 2020, 13:06 pm IST
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Do you want to look like a 60-year-old in your 40s? Of course not! Whether it is wearing makeup all the time or engaging in a bad skincare habit, anything can ruin your skin without you even knowing. And while it may not show up in the beginning, it eventually will in your older years. That’s why it is really important to take care with the right skincare routine, when you are in your early 20s. 

If you want radiant-looking skin in your 40s, then you must give it some extra TLC! How about starting off with preventive skincare in your 20s?  So, let’s wait no more and tell you the 5 most important habits you must add to your skincare routine right away.

1. Use a mild cleanser
We all want to remove every little speck of dirt and oil from our skin, and end up using chemical-laden scrubs and exfoliants. That’s a big no-no, ladies. Moreover, if your skin is over-exfoliated, you can suffer from skin irritation.

Instead, you can use a mild cleanser to wash your face, and if you are big on exfoliation, switch to a natural product or make one at home!

2. Never skip sunscreen
Sunscreen is one of the most underrated skincare products. In a country like India, where the sun is pretty harsh for most of the year, you need an SPF 30 or above sunscreen. Whether you’re staying indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, you need to apply sunscreen every single day, and it is non-negotiable.

why you need sunscreen indoors
Don’t just save your sunscreens for the beach. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Sunscreen not only protects your skin from the sun rays. but also prevents any early signs of ageing and dark spots!

3. Invest in a good eye cream
We all know that the skin around the eyes is the most delicate area, and that’s the first to show any signs of ageing like puffiness or fine lines, when not taken care of. These signs of ageing are really hard to reverse, so prevention is always better than cure!

Keeping the under eye area hydrated and moisturised will keep it bright and radiant. Using eye cream at least once or twice a day is a good idea. Additionally, you can also relax your eyes by putting on some cooling gel or an eye mask.

4. Remove makeup right way
You would already know why removing makeup before hitting the sack is important for your skin, and it is even more important to remove it the right way. If you are using a wet wipe or just a face wash, that’s not enough. You need to double cleanse your face to get rid of all the makeup particles, which otherwise can penetrate into your pores.

And if you are not cleansing your face, you are allowing all the dust, dirt, sweat, pollution and makeup particles to create havoc on your skin. Even if you don’t tend to break out, that doesn’t mean your skin is not being affected!

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5. Using anti-ageing products
There is a right time to start anti-ageing products, and that is in your 20s. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with these products and consult a dermatologist before you start a routine.

anti-ageing cream
There is a right age for everything, including using anti-ageing products. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Apart from these habits, you must also maintain a healthy lifestyle and be gentle with your skin!

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