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Stop making these shower mistakes if you love your hair and skin!

Are you taking scalding hot shower or not rinsing off well? Shower mistakes can be really bad for your skin and hair. Spot them and stop making shower mistakes.
Avoid these mistakes while taking a shower
Avoid these mistakes while taking a shower. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 17 Feb 2023, 11:30 am IST
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Showering might seem like the easiest thing to do. You just need water, some bathing products and you are good to go. Nope, it’s not that simple. Whether women realise it or not, many of them make shower mistakes that can damage skin and hair. It can lead to dryness or skin irritation. Read on to know if you are making shower mistakes every day or not.

HealthShots connected with Dr Brij Vallabh, Consultant Internal Medicine, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur, to help in listing down the common shower mistakes.

shower mistakes
Avoid shower mistakes for healthy hair and skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Shower mistakes to avoid

If you can connect with the following points, you are probably showering in the wrong way.

1. Using extremely hot water while washing hair

Using hot water during winter is a very common habit. But using it for washing hair can affect the pH value of the scalp and can cause damage to the hair cuticle, says Dr Vallabh. Try to wash your hair with room temperature water and if it’s not possible, then wash hair with lukewarm water.

2. Using very hot water on body and for long

Of course, taking a cold shower during winter is not recommended. But don’t take a scalding hot one either. If you shower with too hot water and for long then your skin will be stripped of natural oils. So, it’s not just your hair but also your skin that can be affected by hot showers.

3. Rubbing hair harshly

Harshly rubbing your hair while washing in different directions can ultimately cause hair breakage (tips to treat hair breaking from middle). Instead of being rough, massage the shampoo in with your fingertips by applying light pressure and then wash it off, suggests the expert.

4. Washing your face before getting all hair products out

Shampoos and conditioners have preservatives that could drip down on your forehead and hairline. If they are not washed off, they can cause itching and irritation. Lingering products can also lead to clogged pores, which can cause acne (ways to treat acne). To avoid these skin problems, wash it all off and then continue with the rest of your routine bath.

shower mistakes
Try not to take bath after eating. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Showering after eating food

Taking a shower right after eating can affect the process of your digestion. Digestion requires good level of blood flow towards the stomach, so taking a shower right after having a meal can divert the blood flow to the skin which might affect the digestion process, explains Dr Vallabh.

Some people head straight to the bathroom after an intense workout. You are all sweaty and you just want to get rid of it after exercising. Well, take a shower after cooling down. Showering after workout is important to clean the body of all the sweat and foreign bacteria which you might have picked up during exercise. Also, it might help to reduce muscle soreness by mobilising the lactic acid from your muscles.

Remember to apply a lotion after showering, as it will help to keep your skin moisturised.

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  • 155
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