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5 beauty quick fixes when you have no time for a salon visit

Got any last minute date or a wedding invite? These are the instant beauty tips for a lit-up glowing face in a jiffy.
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Beauty tips to look your best even on a last-minute event. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Noopur Jain Updated: 16 Feb 2022, 04:16 pm IST
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This is the season to be all moonstruck and happy. Since it is the wedding season, everyone’s gathered up on plans. Women have been waiting in the wings to get their appointment and rush to the salon to get all dolled up. But alas! You realize that you are not looking or feeling your best. And, when the festivities have just started, you have got no time to visit the salon with all the panic striking in. In these cases, you don’t actually remember any DIY beauty tips for face glow on fingertips!

But no worries, Ladies, we have got you covered up with these last-minute hacks to ace your look. This will guarantee to give you the perfect radiant look without a salon visit.

Here are the 5 excellent beauty tips for face and hair:

1. Indulge in skin pampering

To get that glowing smooth skin, it is essential to clear out all the dullness and sagginess from the skin. Pamper your skin with different skincare products. Begin with exfoliation using a gentle exfoliating serum suitable for your skin type. Proceed by cleansing, toning, application of active ingredients through serums and moisturizing to achieve that soft plump skin.

2. Use face masks

Face masks are generally the best rescue to your last-minute beauty routine. They help you hydrate, remove excess oil and improve the appearance of pores or dirt from your face within minutes. What else could one ask for better results than this?

There are clay masks for oily skin, green tea and tea tree masks for acne and pimples, and hydrating sheet masks for normal or dry skin types. Choose an appropriate mask according to your skin type and let it do all the wonders for you.

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sheet mask
Sheet masks can be a boon for that instant glow up. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Condition your hair

Fresh and smooth hair has a major role in defining a good day for yourself. So do not compromise on your hair this V-day and give them the best care with hair masks and conditioners. Begin with applying hair masks to intensely nourish your hair and rinse it off followed by gentle shampoo. Deep condition your hair and feel your hair turning into silk.

4. Detox with sleep and water

Drinking a good amount of water, getting proper sleep are a few things that might seem just pieces of cake and irrelevant at the same time. But, giving your body just the right amount of sleep and water can make you look fresher and more active naturally.

Along with these, also get rid of extra puffiness or tiredness through detoxing with steam. It unclogs your skin pores and helps your skin absorb other skincare products faster. Or instead, place soaked tea bags under eyes or saggy areas to get rid of the paleness instantly.

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Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated from within. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Give attention to the right make-up routine

For a last-minute beauty routine, it is also essential to use proper makeup products for your skin to have a radiant appearance without clogging it. Always ensure to moisturize your face well enough. Go with the primer to set a proper base for your products. Proceed with CC creams to get an even tone. Add finishing touches with blush, lipstick and highlighter.

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