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Love sweating it out at the gym? Then this dermat-approved post-workout skincare guide is for you

Don’t let the workouts decrease your waist size and increase your acne. Show your skin some TLC for clear and glowing skin.
For super healthy skin abide by this skincare regime to the T.
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 17 Nov 2019, 16:09 pm IST
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They say, there are no free lunches in life. Unfortunately, your workouts are no exception to this rule. Simply because that much-desired inch-loss comes at a steep price of hard work and well—some skin damage too.

Yes, you read that right. Working out can make your skin prone to acne and dull skin.

“When you work out, a mixture of oils, dirt, sweat, and germs from the equipment, as well as bodily fluids that cling onto your skin can block your pores. This can result in acne,” explains Dr Priyanka Reddy, dermatologist, technologist, and founder of DNA Skin Clinic, Bengaluru.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop working out. 

Instead, take these precautions recommended by Dr Reddy: 

1. Avoid touching your face with your hands and fingers after working out, as by doing so, you will only transfer the dirt and bacteria on to your skin. Wipe your face only with a clean towel.

2. Tie your hair back neatly during and after your workout to reduce the transfer of scalp oils and hair products onto your face and minimise the chances of acne.

3. Take a shower as soon as your body cools down after the workout. Delaying this will result in the cocktail of dirt and sweat staying on your skin for longer, which increases the chances of acne and rashes.

4. Wash your face with cool water and a mild cleansing face wash. Pat it dry with a clean towel and apply your regular moisturiser.

5. Do not scrub your face immediately after a workout and be gentle with your skin. You can also apply a mild, soothing face masque to calm your skin post a workout session.

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Home remedies can also help! Here are a few suggested by Dr Reddy: 

Banana face masque to detox your skin
Bananas are rich in vitamin A that increase skin cell turnover and keep pores clean. Mash a banana, add anti-bacterial ingredients like honey and turmeric, and massage the mixture gently in circular motions onto cleansed skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash your face with cool water. Finish with a moisturiser.

Papaya mask for exfoliation
Combine mashed papaya pulp, egg whites, and honey in a bowl and apply the mixture on cleansed skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water for bright results. 

Oats to hydrate while exfoliating
Ground oats can work wonders for your skin as it is a mild exfoliator, which also hydrates. Just mix it up with a little sugar, honey, and yogurt for the best results. 

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