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It’s Kiss Day! Pamper your lips with these easy tips

Winter may leave your lips dry, chapped and even peeled. Make the right choice of lip care considering the kiss day is around the corner!
morning skincare routine
Lip care choice to make right before the kiss day! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 13 Feb 2022, 08:49 am IST
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Happy Kiss Day, girls! Just like we take care of our skin so much, our lips also need to be pampered and taken care of. And to add to our woes, winter escalates our lip problems. However, to take care of your pout, there are many lip care products available in the beauty market. You can choose lip butter, lip oil, or lip balm to treat your extremely dry, cracked, and chapped lips.

But, to make the right pick for your pretty pucker, we need an expert’s advice. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a renowned dermatologist, spoke to HealthShots to help you figure out what’s the best lip care for you.

“Among the many options for lip care, lip butter is the best. Lip butter is a special moisturizing formula that provides the lip with the extra nourishment they need, and enhances how they look and feel.”, says Dr Dadu, who is also the Founder and Chairman of Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic.

Here’s what makes a lip butter better than a lip oil or lip balm:

1. Texture

As the name suggests, lip butter has a butter-like consistency which can soften and retain your natural pink lips. And butters tend to have a dense molecular structure. Although, lip balms and lip butters can both be a part of the skincare routine and are both hydrating products, the key difference between the two lies in their textures and ingredients.

lip twitching
Lip-twitching and over exfoliating them may also cause chapped lips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Barrier

The skin on your lips dries up often due to an absence of barrier. And, due to cold winds during the winter season, this absence of any barrier on the skin can cause chapped lips. To fix that, applying lip butter during the winter season is necessary.
“Lip butter covers the lips like a mask but gets absorbed and you do not need to wash it off. It may make a slight film on the lips but also gets soaked in after a while. Lip butter nourishes the lips properly and takes care of your dry, dark and pigmented lips.” says Dr Dadu

3. Hydration

Lip balms primarily have moisturizing properties. However, lip butters hydrate, maintain the natural moisture balance of the lips and lock it in. Lip butters typically have a creamier texture as opposed to lip balms or lip oils. All thanks to the luscious ingredients and a much higher oil content.

dark lips
To prep your lips for lip butter’s goodness, scrub them using a mild sugar scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Healthy fat:

Butters usually contain at least one plant-based butter or oil as a base such as mango, shea, avocado, liquorice among many more. And as we know, going the ‘au natural’ route is the key! The natural fats in these butters are skin-safe and healthier too. On the other hand, lip balms may have synthetic wax in them. Similarly, lip oils have mineral oil with a plethora of flavouring and fragrance that can harm the skin further. Lip butters double up as moisturizing and soothing agents for lips.

DIY lip butter to try:

  1. In a bowl, take a spoonful of cold pressed coconut oil.
  2. Pierce a vitamin E capsule and add to the bowl.
  3. Add a teaspoon of unsalted homemade butter or thick ghee to it.
  4. Whisk all the ingredients together into a buttery consistency.
  5. Transfer it into an empty and washed cream tub or any small jar.
  6. Apply twice a day.
  7. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. Make a fresh batch after the expiration time.

Just as you know what to pick to get that gorgeous pink lips effect, you’re ready for that cute peck. And what’s a better occasion to try it out than Valentine’s week?. Use a lip butter to get those kissable lips, ladies!

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