I used a glitter peel-off mask on my face every week for a month. Here’s what happened

Glitter peel-off masks might look great in selfies, but they can also be harsh on the skin. The Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask, however, is a rare exception.
peel-off mask
This gentle peel-off mask is a great way to get glowing skin. Image courtesy: Meghna Kriplani
Meghna Kriplani Updated: 2 Feb 2021, 14:23 pm IST
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Scroll through the depths of Instagram for long enough, and you’re bound to come across posts that showcase influencers with glittery peel-off masks on their face. While it’s hard to assess the efficiency of these masks in just one look, the urge to try one on yourself is hard to resist.

It’s this urge to invest in a peel-off face mask that got me researching about the benefits of using one. And boy the results were scary! There is no doubt that peel-off face masks are great for extracting all that gunk from clogged pores. But social media is also privy to horror stories that include raw and irritated skin. And I am pretty certain that the tugging and pulling action that goes into taking these off does more harm than good.

Thankfully though, not all peel-off masks are the same. My research led me to a glitter peel-off mask that is completely herbal, which to me meant gentle. So without much fuss, I ordered the Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask. And here’s what ensued.

This peel-off mask is gentle on the skin, but it gets the job done

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to try out a peel-off mask was the unfortunate fact that my nose is the permanent residence of some very pesky whiteheads. And let’s just say that I am not the biggest fans of physical extractions. While I do use chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid in mild formulations to get rid of them, at times you do need that something extra to deep clean your pores.

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That’s where a peel-off mask comes handy. Not to mention, the right one can also do a fabulous job to get rid of dull and dead skin. The Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask stands true to this promise. From the first application onwards, my skin felt very smooth. I could also see whiteheads and grime on the peeled bits—which was satisfying and gross at the same time.

This peel-off mask was surprisingly hydrating

Now this is something that I had not expected. Yes, I knew that this mask was formulated with coffee, argan oil, aloe vera gel, and glycerine. But beyond an effective peel-off action, I  had not hoped for anything much. And that’s where this mask took me by surprise.

The soft and smooth skin that I experienced after each use was not only the result of the purifying action of the mask, but also the deep nourishment I received by leaving it on my skin for about half an hour.

But here’s what truly makes the Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask different. You see, peel-off masks come with a bad reputation of stretching the skin way too much as they dry. I’ll be honest that is something I was not looking forward to—because all that tightening is just going to give way to wrinkles and sagging skin.

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peel off mask


With this mask however, that did not happen. Even when the mask was completely dry my skin did not feel like it was being stretched in all directions. It was also very easy to peel off—even when it did accidentally coat my eyebrows. There was no pain, no redness, or irritation. The smaller bits that got left behind came off easily when I washed my face with water.

But this peel-off mask is not going to give you permanent results

The Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask is truly a great product for dull skin and clogged pores. And as satisfying as the results are—they are not permanent. Much like other peel-off masks, you will have to use it once to twice a week to ensure that the smooth results don’t fade away.

Also, with this product a little does not go a long way. You will have to use a generous quantity if you want good results. A thin layer might dry off much quicker than the 40 minutes that a thick layer takes—but you won’t see far too much of a difference.

That said, if you’re looking for instant radiance for events and such, then do place your bets on the Soulflower Coffee Glitter Peel Off Mask. It’s a less cumbersome and gentle way to get glowing skin for those special occasions.

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