Are you a victim of hyperpigmentation? Ditch these 5 skincare habits today!

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern, and pretty harmless, but certain skincare habits can make it worse. Here’s everything you need to know!
Can hyperpigmentation be treated with vitamin E?
Hyperpigmentation may not be completely treated. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 10 Nov 2021, 13:00 pm IST
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Most of us take our skin for granted! We slather on the most chemical-laden cosmetics without any thought, leave makeup on due to sheer laziness, and commit so many other mistakes. This leads to several skincare issues that can really prolong, if you do not exercise enough caution. One such common skin concern is hyperpigmentation.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Before we tell you about some habits you MUST quit today, let us first understand what hyperpigmentation really means. It is a term that describes skin that appears darker. It can show up in small patches, or even cover large areas. Some people have it all over their bodies!

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Excessive and unprotected sun exposure can be harmful for your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What are some kinds of hyperpigmentation?
  • Melasma: It is caused by hormonal changes, and is most commonly observed during pregnancy. Dark patches can appear anywhere on the body, but are often seen on the stomach and face.
  • Sunspots: Also called liver spots, sunspots develop as a result of excess sun exposure over a period of time. They generally appear on the hands and face.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: This is caused as a result of injury or inflammation to the skin.

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Cut down on sugar from your diet… Even that can affect your skin! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Are there any habits you MUST ditch if you face hyperpigmentation?

Dr Kiran Sethi, MD, Integrative Skin and aesthetic specialist, tells HealthShots about certain habits that must be done away with, right away! 

  1. Not wearing sunblock: Sun exposure is the number one cause of pigmentation. So, avoiding sunblock will really worsen the issue. Ladies, do not miss out on this at any cost, whatever be the season!
  2. Not wearing enough sunblock: “People think that the SPF in the BB cream or foundation is enough. The reality is you need both UVA and UVB coverage, and that’s about two finger lengths of sunblock for the face and neck. So, just a dab of BB cream is doing almost nothing for your sun protection,” says Dr Sethi. 
  3. Using AHAs and spending time in the sun: Dr Sethi explains that alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs increase your sensitivity to the sun. “Not being aware when using products and then laying on the beach is bound to worsen your issues,” she adds. 
  4. Rubbing your skin: “Friction causes discoloration. So, the more you rub your skin, the darker it will become,” says Dr Sethi.
  5. Eating excess sugar: High glycemic foods can lead to discoloration called acanthosis nigricans on the neck, knuckles, underarms, and groin, says Dr Sethi.

So ladies, make sure to follow these tips for happy and healthy skin, free from hyperpigmentation!

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