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Fight pollution and hydrate your skin with The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Face Wash

Updated on:16 November 2020, 14:46pm IST
Looking for a facewash that can help you reduce damage caused by pollution? Look no more as The Moms Co has the perfect product for you.
Shreya Gupta
This pocket-friendly face wash is all you need to keep your skin supple.
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Pollution not only severely affects your lungs but also damages your skin and hair. That is why preventive measures are necessary. While covering your face while going out works, the dust particles and particulate matter can still settle on your skin and damage it. 

So, the best you can do is switch to a face wash that has the capability to gently clean your face but at the same time provide protection against pollution. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash is made with olive oil which does exactly that!

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But that’s not the only thing this face wash can do for you. Here are four reasons why you should switch to The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash:

1. Comes with neem and witch hazel extract

Pollution, dirt and dust generate more free radicals which can damage your skin. Neem and witch hazel extracts work together to fight off free radicals and further protect your skin. Moreover, the pro-vitamin B5 in this face wash also helps fight off the pollution and toxins. So keep a bottle of this facewash handy during these times.

Moreover, the witch hazel extract acts as an astringent making it great for oily or acne-prone skin!

2. It is rich in various vitamins

Enriched with vitamins C, B3 and B5 it helps in cleansing your face gently leaving it soft, glowing and hydrated without stripping off the excess of oil or causing irritation. Vitamin B3 helps in reducing uneven skin tone, fine lines and dullness of the skin and vitamin B5 helps in moisturising your skin.

Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash
Fight off the damage from pollution with Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash.

The vitamin C content of this face wash helps in reducing the pigmentation and further improves the collagen synthesis and elasticity of your skin.

3. Hyaluronic Acid and rose water

Hyaluronic acid provides your skin with hydration and is great for the health of your skin. The rose water in this face wash helps in revitalising, hydrating and moisturising your skin leaving your skin softer, smoother and glowing.

4. Free of toxins

Unlike other products in the market, The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Face Wash is free of mineral oils, sulphate, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

For best results, it is suggested that you take 1-2 pumps between your palms and then gently massage it onto your wet face and then rinse it off with water.

So, should you go for The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Face Wash?

Apart from all the above benefits, The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash is very pocket friendly as well. A 100ml bottle just retails for Rs. 348 and after a discount, you need to pay only Rs. 244! So, it is a good bet to go for it!

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