Ready for the skin reset challenge for healthy and flawless skin?

Your skin requires extra nourishment, particularly under a lockdown situation. How about being a part of the skin reset challenge?
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Gauri Anand Published: 13 Jan 2022, 09:29 am IST
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The skin can be a tricky challenge to deal with. Don’t we all want it to look flawless and glowing? But to meet these criteria, there is a lot of effort that goes in behind the scenes.

With the pandemic and high stress levels, our skin is experiencing constant breakouts and red patchy skin. It is important that we give our skin a little tender love and care, as it clearly deserves the same.

There are a few ways in which we can really help our skin. With the advertising around clean beauty, the world around us has finally understood why clean/organic beauty is so important for our skin and planet. Clean ingredients are added together to create the skincare routine of our dreams.

Skincare is the best way to pamper yourself. And so, it is advisable to utilize our time and take care of our skin and health, now that we are spending enough time under lockdown What can we start off with though? We can perform a skin reset challenge!

What exactly is a skin reset challenge?

A skin reset challenge is one where we go about a whole week to help heal, nourish and protect our skin. It is important that we understand what helps our skin and what does not. With this challenge, we shall be sharing the entire process so you can meet your skincare goals this 2022!

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The first step towards this challenge is to go a day or more without any makeup or products. It is essential that we understand how harmful makeup could be for our skin. The constant exposure to chemicals and toxins on our delicate skin causes breakage and damage if used for a long time.

Hence, we suggest that we go a day or more without the use of any makeup. We recommend you wash your face and then allow your skin to breathe the entire day.

The second step can be going all out on your favourite skincare. Now that we have given our skin some breathing space, we now go back to nourishing it with carefully handpicked products that will give your skin the boost it deserves. Using the right serums, creams and masks can really calm your skin from all the pollution we experience on a daily basis.

The third step includes your eating and drinking habits. Ensuring that we consume a good amount of vegetables and fruits throughout the day is very important. Do not forget to drink sufficient water. Making sure we consume at least 7-8 glasses of water a day is important to keep your skin feeling hydrated.
Alcohol, fried food, and trans-fat are some things we can stay away from to meet our skincare goals. Laying off salt and sugar can help you to win this challenge.
Lastly, keep a close check on your mental health.

Exercising has proved to improve mental health and keep our skin and body feeling and looking young. Making sure we fit in a 30-minute brisk walk, yoga or swimming is important as that can help our skin, body, and overall being. With excessive sweating, it also helps wash away the dirt and cleanses the pores.
It is also important that we take time off our busy schedules. Sleeping for a full eight hours is also essential. Our minds run at a rapid speed, and sometimes it is important to slow it down and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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The last word

All in all, using the right creams, serums, washing our hands and face regularly, detoxing our body from fast food, drinking plenty of water, etc, are some great ways to attain naturally glowing skin. Make sure you try each step out to understand your skin better!

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