Woke up with a puffy face? This celebrity trick is all you need to de-puff!

Waking up with a puffy face is common, Ladies! And, Alaya F deals with it too. Here’s how she de-puffs her pretty face each morning!
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This face de-puff tip by Alaya F looks promising! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 11 Feb 2022, 19:40 pm IST
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How difficult is it to post real pictures of ‘I woke up like this’, when you wake up looking like a baked potato? Sunken eyes and puffy face is a total buzzkill before starting a new day! Your under-eye skin is the most delicate one on your face. If you have puffy under eyes, you will notice a hollow-looking space and dark shadows giving you that terrible panda-eyed look. However, the skin around your whole face is thinner than your body. Therefore, a swollen and puffy face is something many women wake up with.

Now, if you’re somebody dealing with the same, you’ve landed at the right place! Alaya F, the fresh-faced diva of Bollywood often shares glimpses of her skincare routine on Instagram. This time again, her Insta feed blessed us with a remedy for our puffy face.

If your day begins with a stuffed-up-looking face, you’re not alone. Alaya shares her journey of dealing with puffy face. She finds comfort in a gua sha and jade roller massage each morning to de-puff her face.

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Jade rollers really game-changers for puffy face. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

She captioned her video, “I have struggled with puffiness for as long as I can remember! When I heard about gua shas and face rollers, I was immediately interested. But there were so many different contradicting methods and videos on the internet that I really struggled to figure out how to effectively use these tools.”

Sharing the video of her tutorial of a gua sha massage, Alaya writes, “Eventually, I’ve found that this method works best for me. If you see photos of me from even a year ago, you can see a big difference in how my face looked back then and how much it’s shaped itself now. You just have to be consistent with your routine.”

Alaya tells you about how to de-puff the face using a gua sha and jade roller:

  1. In the start, the first few times might make you more puffy, don’t get demotivated.
  2. Keep at it and once you start using it regularly, you’ll start noticing a huge difference.
  3. Don’t apply too much pressure. Be gentle with a gua sha on your face.
  4. Make sure your face has enough moisturiser or face oil so it can glide smoothly.
  5. Take your time and make it enjoyable. Do this for at least 10 minutes.

Check out her video here:


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Alaya’s pro tip

“If you want to take it one step further, you can also dunk your face in ice water after this. This will further tighten and de-puff your face!.” Alaya captions the video.

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Now, follow this face de-puffing trick by Alaya F and enjoy some morning me-time, Ladies!

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