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Here’s why you must include hyaluronic acid in your skincare regimen

Hyaluronic acid is the main molecule responsible for our skin's hydration and offers many wonders that we can use to our advantage.
hyaluronic acid on dry skin
Think of hyaluronic acid as the elixir of life your skin needs to fight off ageing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 2 Oct 2020, 09:48 am IST
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Ageing is natural and inevitable, and so is the consequential loss of collagen (a protein that provides structure to our body) and hyaluronic acid from our skin. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the skin and helps to bind water to collagen, trapping it in the skin—so that skin can appear plumper, lubricated and hydrated.

According to a research published by the US National Library of Medicine, hyaluronic acid is a key molecule in the skin’s ageing process and its loss leads to a decreased ability of our skin to bind and retain water molecules, resulting in loss of skin moisture.

This acid offers great advantages for our skin when used in forms such as serums and creams. To provide you with more information on the amazing qualities of this acid, we bring to you three key benefits of hyaluronic acid for your skin:

1. It’s great for your skin’s health
Hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements can help your skin look and feel more supple and moist. The natural ageing process and exposure to factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tobacco smoke and pollution can decrease the HA quotient in the skin.

Applying HA, can hence, increase skin moisture and reduce dry skin in adults. Hydrated skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles, making it appear smoother. As we age, the elastin in the skin breaks down, and skin loses its structure and form. HA can help with the appearance of tightness in the skin as it fills the skin with moisture and tightens the overall complexion and appearance.

2. It helps with wound healing
Hyaluronic acid plays a key role in wound healing as its concentration in the skin increases when there is damage in need of repair. HA helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signalling the body to build more blood vessels in the damaged area.

neem oil for hot boils
The nourishing hyaluronic acid shall help heal the skin wound. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

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As per a research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, applying hyaluronic acid to skin wounds has been shown to reduce the size of wounds and decrease pain faster than a placebo or no treatment at all.
HA also has antibacterial properties, therefore, it can help reduce the risk of infection when applied directly to open wounds. This also makes it beneficial for people who have acne.

3. It offers great hydration to the skin
Hyaluronic acid’s crowning glory is hydration and its ability to retain moisture. Moisture is critical for our skin, because when the top layer of the skin doesn’t have enough water, it appears dry, rough, and flaky. And it is not just about aesthetics! Dry skin can be dangerous as it is unable to maintain an appropriately intact skin barrier, leaving the skin more vulnerable to damage from external and environmental sources.

When the skin barrier is not intact, it can let bacteria in, which can lead to infection. According to a study published in BMC Research Notes, compromised skin barriers can play a role in skin conditions, such as dry skin, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, acne, and aged skin.

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So, ladies, it is time to invest in a serum or face cream that comes with hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin stays smooth and glowing.

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