Got inked? Keep these tips handy to take care of your skin after getting a tattoo

Published on: 22 August 2021, 09:00 am IST

Getting tattoos is a great idea, but you need to take extra care of them. Ready to know how? Let’s go!

how to take care of your skin after tattoo
Your tattoo needs special care and attention, once done. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Getting a tattoo is not a taboo anymore. Gone are the days when tattoos were associated with thugs, sailors and bikers. Today, it is as common as getting your hair coloured.  Moreover, it is widely accepted at workplaces. A lot of professionals like lawyers, engineers and many doctors are our regular clients, and that is because the needles that we use are of the highest quality Cheyenne tattoo needles, which are made in Germany. 

The chemical and metal free, Quantum tattoo inks are vegan, organic and checked under stringent procedures under laws of the European Union or USA.  Looking at the quality standards and compliances, my own father-in-law who is a surgeon, got two tattoos done at the age of 70. Once you get a tattoo done, the job of the artist is finished but that is only half the part. The rest of the part is the healing process, which completely depends on the client. There are a lot of myths surrounding aftercare of tattoos, which I would like to clarify and educate people about, especially those who are thinking of getting their next Ink.

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1. Do not let people touch your new tattoo

Whenever you get a new tattoo, your friends are as excited as you are, and they might touch it with unsanitized hands. This can lead germs and bacteria to come in contact with your new tattoo. Make sure that you do not let anyone touch your new tattoo. If you have pets at home, please make sure you keep it away from them for at least one week.

how to take care of your skin after tattooYou need to take care of your new tattoo to minimise the risk of infection. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Wash your tattoo twice a day with mild soap and water

This is the most important thing. Contrary to popular belief, in India, it is said that you should not put water on your tattoo. Instead, you must take a mild soap and lather on your hand and rub the tattoo nicely to clean the excess plasma and dirt. Repeat it twice a day for the next three days, and after three days when you see the scab (which is the thin layer of dry skin) starts forming, you should avoid rubbing it. Continue to rinse it with water once a day when you take a shower and pat it dry lightly. Your tattoo is like a superficial wound, so imagine getting a scratch or a small wound from somewhere and not washing it for days. That can lead to disasters, so it is important to wash your tattoo. 

3. Apply the tattoo ointment multiple times a day

When the tattoo starts healing, it forms a thin layer of scab on top, which can be a little itchy sometimes. So, make sure you apply the tattoo ointment advised by your artist 3-4 times a day or whenever you feel that the tattoo is getting very dry and itchy. But do not over apply it in one go, as the pores of your skin will get clogged and the skin won’t be able to breathe. So, it is best to apply a small quantity of ointment multiple times a day.

 4. Avoid harsh sunlight for long durations

Sunlight is the worst enemy of your tattoo, as UV rays can fade even the harshest industrial pigments and inks nowadays. The ones we use are pure organic and mild on the skin, so make sure you avoid sunlight and when you are at the beach for hours at a stretch, make sure you apply any sunscreen which is SPF 50 or above. 

how to take care of your skin after tattooUV rays from the sun will fade your tattoos.
5. Do not peel of the scab

You might feel itchy when the scab is forming, and might feel like itching it or picking it to see the tattoo underneath. But the tattoo needs its own time to heal, which is normally between one or two weeks. So, do not peel off the scab to see if the colour is coming right or not, because if you do that, the colour will definitely not come out right. So, let it take its due course and let the scab fall off naturally.

At the time of healing, if the scab peels accidentally, do not worry. Most artists give a free touch up in these cases. So, in conclusion, you have to keep the tattoo clean, lightly moisturized and away from the sun so that you can enjoy and flaunt your new ink. If you follow these steps, you will never need to get a touch up on your tattoo, as my oldest tattoo is approximately 18-years-old now. 

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