Must-have foot spa essentials to pamper yourself at home

If you want to relax your feet and pamper yourself, try giving yourself a foot spa at home! Invest in these must-have foot spa essentials to give your feet some love and care.
Foot spa essentials
Must-have foot spa essentials. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 9 Sep 2023, 02:00 pm IST
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Don’t you love a soothing foot spa to relax after a long day at work? Well, who doesn’t? While it would be a dream come true if you could do it every day, unfortunately, foot spas aren’t exactly the cheapest. So, you try to do a foot spa at home instead! Well, you need some foot spa essentials to help you relax.

Creating a rejuvenating foot spa at home is easier than you might think! With a little time and a few foot spa essentials, you can transform your humble abode into a foot spa oasis.

Must-have foot spa essential you need

If you’re looking for ways to do a foot spa at home, try to include all or most of the following items:

1. A foot spa tub

The first thing you would need is a tub or a basin in which you will soak your feet in. You can either use a large bowl or invest in a dedicated foot spa tub with massage rollers. You can buy any tub which is big enough to fit both of your feet.

You can try this Iktu Folding Foot Pedicure Spa Tub. It has a portable and collapsible design. It also has a manual roller massage function that promotes blood circulation, relieving stress and tension.

2. Epsom salt or bath salts

Plain warm water is not going to relax the feet, you need to add some ingredients like Epsom salt to relax the muscles. It reduces swelling and softens the rough skin. Plus, they can enhance the overall spa-like experience. So, invest in a good Epsom salt to avail the benefits.

You can try the Organix Mantra Epsom Bath Salt Crystals which is a luxurious addition to your bath time ritual. It is a high-quality salt, which contains properties like magnesium. It claims to soothe sore muscles and reduce stress.

3. Essential oils

Next on the list of soothing ingredients are essential oils. Take your foot spa game to the next level with one or more aromatic essential oils. From lavender to peppermint to eucalyptus oil, you can try a relaxing and soothing oil that enhances your experience of taking a foot spa at home.

Try the Exotic Aromas Essential Oils which come in nine pure and natural scents. They promise to provide a sensory journey to enhance relaxation, promote well-being, and create a soothing experience.

4. Foot scrub

One of the most crucial steps in a foot spa is exfoliation. Investing in a good-quality foot scrub is essential to remove dead skin cells, and reveal softer and smoother feet.

The Scholl Hard Skin Foot File is a reliable tool for achieving smooth and soft feet. Its ergonomic design allows for easy and effective removal of tough calluses and dead skin.

5. Pumice stone

You would also need a pumice stone or foot file to tackle calluses and rough patches. You need to scrub the affected areas after soaking your feet for a good 10-15 minutes in the water. It will leave your feet feeling baby-soft.

The Cuccio Earth Lava Pumice Stone is a natural volcanic rock exfoliator that gently buffs away rough skin and calluses, leaving feet smooth. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfortable and efficient use. Plus, it is an eco-friendly tool that is perfect for a self-care routine.

6. Towels

Once you’re done exfoliating, wash your feet and rinse them in cool water. You would also need a towel to dry your feet or you can also use it as a cushion for that added comfort. Plus, you wouldn’t want to keep your soft and clean feet on the ground directly, a towel might help with that as well.

The Amazon Brand Solimo 100 percent Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set offers high-quality luxury with a 500 GSM thickness for superior absorbency and durability. These soft, plush towels claim to provide a spa-like experience, and they ensure comfort and quick drying.

7. Lotion or foot cream

Once you’re done drying your feet, finish the foot spa with a generous application of your favourite foot cream or lotion. It will lock in the moisture and leave your feet feeling nourished.

Fixderma Foobetik Cream is a specialized foot care solution designed to fight dry, cracked feet. It claims to deeply moisturise and soothe the skin, promoting heel repair and addressing calloused or chapped areas.

With these essential items in your kitty, you’re ready to create a blissful foot spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

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