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STOP using expired lipstick! A dermat reveals why it’s a big sin

Toss away all those lipsticks hidden in your drawers, since forever! That’s because applying expired lipstick can make you VERY sick.
your lip balm can cause dark lips
An expert lists the factors that may be causing dark lips! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 15 Nov 2021, 09:00 am IST
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Who all missed applying lipsticks during the pandemic? We are sure most of you just said YES! Well, how does it really matter, because your favourite lip colour gets concealed behind that mask. But there’s something you STILL need to know, which is going to serve as nothing short of an eye-opener. 

If you are planning on reusing lipsticks that you purchased ages ago, hold on. Because you can fall terribly sick, if you do! 

Just like every other cosmetic product, lipsticks also have a shelf life; yes, even if it hasn’t been opened. On average, a premium lipstick brand lasts anywhere between 12 to 18 months.  

There are several ways to check if your lipstick has expired or not. For example:

  • Check the expiry date. Duh!
  • Does it have a weird smell? Do notice!
  • See if it oozes moisture
  • Notice if it glides on the lips or not

But what’s going to happen if you ignore everything and continue to apply the lipstick? Let’s find out.

expired lipstick
Your lips need your love. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Things that WILL happen if you apply an expired lipstick     

Girls, please understand that using expired lipsticks can cause various illnesses. According to celebrity dermatologist, Dr Ajay Rana, when a product breaks down, it stops protecting against the formation of bacteria. Expired lipsticks contain enterococcus faecalis, which is a deadly bacteria that causes meningitis, among other potentially deadly side-effects. 

1. Itching and pain around the mouth area

Usage of expired lipsticks can cause discomfort and irritation, as a consequence of coming in contact with any bacteria or other harmful irritants. The main ingredients of lipstick are lanolin, wax, and dye. Due to the complex composition of lanolin, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as dry and cracked mucous membranes of the lips, and sometimes itching or slight pain too.

expired lipstick
Say goodbye to those dry, chapped lips! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Health problems like renal failure, anemia, and even brain damage

The lanolin present in expired lipstick has strong adsorption. It can absorb dust, bacteria, viruses, and some heavy metal ions in the air, and pass it on to the lips. When people drink water and eat, they can bring these harmful substances to their mouths, which can directly enter the body. The coal tar dye used in all lipsticks is a carcinogen, and the content of this substance in lipsticks is known to exceed the permissible content in food.

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“Lipsticks contain high amounts of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. The usage of expired lipstick may lead to chronic lead poisoning, causing problems such as anemia, abdominal pain, acute renal failure, and brain neuropathy,” warns Dr Rana.

3. Using an expired lipstick can also lead to breast tumor

Preservatives and harmful substances like BHA have been proven to be quasi-carcinogens. When the lipstick expires, these substances can cause breast tumors.

“The artificial pigments in lipsticks may be transformed into mutants under ultraviolet radiation, which may cause cancer,” says Dr Rana.

expired lipstick
Choose your lipstick wisely. Image courtesy: Unsplash

He adds, “If you face irritation, redness, and itching on the skin, after using expired lipstick, make sure to consult your dermatologist immediately.”

So, go check all your drawers and discard the ones that have expired months ago!

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